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Red Rocks Festival in London

On the 28th of July and the 11th of August prominent Russian musicians and pop and rock groups will perform as a part of RED ROCKS FESTIVAL and Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad at Russia.Sochi.Park – a fantastic venue to present Russia and Sochi 2014 Winter Games during the London-2012.

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Andrei Monastyrski: The art of Moscow Conceptualism at Regina Gallery London

Regina Gallery is presenting selected archival material documenting the production of the ‘Trips out of Town’ (“PoezdkizaGorod”), a series of books compiled by the artist and art theoretician Andrei Monastyrskiand for the Collective Action Group. The exhibition covers selected material from the first seven volumes (1976 – 1997) of this continuing project.

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Danja Akulin: Duality of Darkness and Brightness

Erarta Galleries London is presenting Penumbra, a new exhibition by Russian artist Danja Akulin.

The word penumbra is often rendered "half-light," but the Latin origin paene umbra literally means "almost shadow."  In between the shadow and the light there is a zone through which we may see what is in the penumbra, but we see it with a darkened hue, and it is problematic to say whether it is illuminated or not.

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Festival “Pushkin in Britain” Hosted Russia’s Poetic Talents

On the 6-11 June the 10th International Festival of Russian Poetry and Arts “Pushkin in Britain” was held. Since its foundation in 2003, the Festival has been gathering the poetic talent of the Russian diaspora at its main event, the International Poetry Competition. At the final stage of the completion that took place on the 9th June in St Giles church in central London nineteen finalists from around the world competed for the title “King of the Kings of Russian poetry abroad 2003 – 2012”.

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An Evening with Russian Poet VadimFadin

In May Pushkin House hosted the émigré Russian poet and novelist VadimFadin, who has been living and working in Berlin since 1996. A laureate of Aldanov’s Award 2008, a nominee for the Booker Prize 2004 (for the novel The Wailing of the Shepherds) and the Russian Award 2011 (for the collection of poems The Drowned Memory), Fadin is also the co-organiser of events that aim to bring together Russian writers working both in Russia and abroad. At the Pushkin House he spoke about Russian literary life in Germany and his own career as a poet and later a novelist.

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Contemporary Art from Russia Exhibits in Switzerland

Art 43 Basel the leading international contemporary art fair is opening on June 14th in Basel, Switzerland. The total value of the works by 2,500 artists from around 300 galleries will exceed 175 million dollars. For the second consecutive year, Regina Gallery takes part showcasing eclectic contemporary art from Russia and beyond.

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The New Generation of Ukrainian Female Writers

A new generation of Ukrainian female writers, who celebrate their homeland's 20 years of independence and bring a new national colour to their works of modern literature and now coming on to the international literary scene. The newly published book “The Lost Button” by Irene Rozdobudko won the Ukrainian national Coronation of the Word Award 2005 and was the winner of the Ukrainian national Book of the Year and the Coronation of the Word Awards “Hardly Ever Otherwise” by Maria Matios, they are now available in English and have been brought to the attention of the English-reading audience worldwide.

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Buranovskiye Babushki - Party for Everybody

Russia laid on a surprise and sent in the grannies – the band Buranovskiye Babushki to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The singing grannies who hail from the Udmurt region of central Russia have captured plenty of hearts with their song “Party for Everybody” but couldn’t quite win the Eurovision Song Contest, held last Saturday evening in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Globe to Globe: Shakespearian Passions in 37 Languages

It’s impossible not to have heard of William Shakespeare. His “to be or not to be” a long time ago turned into an aphorism; Romeo and Juliet is considered the most romantic love story the world has ever seen and the Royal passions masterly described in his plays still haunt people’s minds.

“Globe to Globe”, is part of the World Shakespeare Festival for the London 2012 Festival which lasts from 23 April till 9 July 2012, once more proves Shakespeare’s world infamy and significance.

In an event of unprecedented ambition, all of Shakespeare’s plays will be performed, each in a different language, each by a different international company. Every day for six weeks, national theatres, renowned artists and new young companies celebrate performing Shakespeare in their own language, within the architecture Shakespeare wrote for.

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SLOVO of the Russian Writers

As part of the SLOVO Russian Literature Festival, Academia Rossica invited Londoners to come and hear the best Russian writers discuss their work, and its place in the world, at Waterstones Piccadilly. Russian writers remain the most eloquent interpreters of a country driven by contrasts and paradoxes.