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Desire to Learn: “Russia Week” at St Andrews University

As it turned out British students are interested in Russia. This April University of St Andrews is holding the “Russia Week” that provides a vivid display of Russian culture. The initiative to organise an event belongs to the University's Russian Society and includes lectures, exhibitions and workshops devoted to art, music, literature and current affairs.

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Russian Easter Traditions

Easter in Russia is one of the most important Russian holidays. The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Easter according to the Orthodox calendar and this year it falls on 15th April. Like many countries in Eastern Europe, Russians celebrate Easter with decorated eggs, special foods and customs. 

The Russian Easter egg tradition dates back to pre-Christian times when people saw eggs as fertility symbols and as devices for protection. 

Russians celebrate Easter with an Easter breakfast or Easter meal. Russian Easter foods include kulich (Russian Easter bread), paskha (a dish made from cheese and other ingredients, usually formed in the shape of a pyramid), eggs, and other foods.

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Elena Davydova: Eternal Values

The Frameless Gallery presents an exhibition room for an established Moscow artist Elena Davydova, who shows to the public fifty new works created in London over the last few years. Elena Davydova’s paintings are a fusion of nature, poetry, music, harmony and light. In the modern world where contemporary art is full of sharks swimming in ink and ripped-up human bodies, her art represents simple but eternal values. She has a unique view of the world, an ability to see magic in everyday things.

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Boris Eifman: Psychological Ballet

Acclaimed as Russia’s greatest living choreographer, Boris Eifman presented in Britain for the first time two of his master works: “Anna Karenina” and “Onegin”. Four performances of the two UK premières took place at the London Coliseum.

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A new space for Gazelli Art House

Bodhi is the final installation of a series of five exhibitions titled ‘Fire, Earth, Water and Ether’. Curated by Mila Askarova, alsocurator of the Azerbaijani pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale, Bodhi is currently on show at the gallery’s new space in Mayfair.

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Irene Caesar: Art as Shock Therapy

Irene Caesar is an US-based Russian conceptual artist and philosopher. She has produced a series of staged role games documented by photographs, where participants interact with some object or between each other according to invented situations. Irene’s uniqueness as a woman-artist is in giving an assessment of the wide scope of human ideas via her art. In March she presents her exhibition “Last Breath” in Moscow. It is a set of images and a video installation, that shows two people bring a third person, whose hands are tied behind his back, to a glass tank filled with water, he dips his head into the water and holds it there for a long time. The man tries to escape. When he finally bursts out of the water, close-up shots show his face, and his breath between life and death is recorded.

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Russian Film from Soviet Sci-Fi to Modern Fantasy

A major genre of Soviet cinema was that of science fiction, and it was both popular with the public and intellectually respectable to the critics. One of the key films of the ‘Golden Age’ of Soviet cinema in the 1920s was Yakov Protazanov’s Aelita (1924), where a Soviet engineer dreams of building a spaceship, flying to Mars and freeing the oppressed masses there in a popular revolution (together with outlandish sets and costumes).

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Painter Aleksey Chizov: Manifesto of Self-Growth

Aleksey Chizhov, one of Russia’s finest emerging artists, presents his new collection of paintings “Les Paradis Naturels” in Erarta Galleries London. In his paintings, Chizhov uses the symbol of poppies as a metaphorical escamotage to encapsulate the struggle evident in our society – whether to run away and hide from one's problems, or to face them.

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KVN UK Final! 11 March, York Hall

Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to the most unpredictable event of the year – KVN UK final. The game takes place on the 11 March at York Hall. 17 teams have participated in the “Olympic Season” of KVN UK and only 5 of them have reached the final.

Please welcome the finalists:

“Лоси из ЛСИ” (LSE)

“Angry Birds” (Kazakhstan Student Society)

“ИМПАКТ” (Imperial College)

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Citizen Poet and Citizen Hedonist

Every era is reflected in art and Citizen Poet is a distinctive example of a multimedia art project of contemporary Russia. The satirical project will close on 5th March 2012. Dmitry Bykov will keep writing poems, Mikhail Efremov will be coming on stage, Andrey Vasiliev will remain a creative producer – but the project that brought them together will only be available on video.