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The Sherlock Holmes Exhibition, 17 October

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous Londoners ever. This exhibition at the Museum of London seeks to find out who Holmes is, and why Arthur Conan Doyle's late-Victorian creation endures to this day. Exhibits will include a nineteenth-century portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, original Holmes manuscripts and the very coat and dressing gown worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's 'Sherlock'.

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Karaoke Box Mayfair - the Best Russian Karaoke Experience in London

In Russia music has long since become an integral part of every celebration, from ritual folk songs and the sacred music of the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian people have always had this incredible desire for singing.

The passion for singing has been passed through the generations and came to us in the form of karaoke, where everyone has a chance to show off their talent or just have fun remembering our favourite songs. Millions of Russians choose karaoke as their favourite form of entertainment in the high-end karaoke bars opening up here and over there across the country.

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Spectra 25 July - 6 September

Dina Bogusonova

Alexander Lufer

25 July - 6 September

Erarta Galleries London is pleased to present Spectra, the fourth exhibition during the year of Russian-British cultural exchange 2014. The exhibition fuses the work of two of Russia’s celebrated artists Dina Bogusonova and Alexander Lufer who explore the changeable, yet predictable nature of light and its interaction with the world to which it gives new life.

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Russian Customs, Etiquette, and Popular Superstitions

Even if you are not planning to be in Russia for long, you should make every effort to learn at least a few basic words and phrases in Russian. You colleagues, neighbours, friends, and others will be impressed and the gesture will be highly appreciated. Russians generally consider their language to be a very difficult one for foreigners to learn. With the exception of your Russian teacher, they will not expect you to become fluent in Russian, but they will be amazed if you are able to carry on a simple conversation a few months after your arrival.

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Favourite Russian Pastimes

Dacha. Dacha is a term that refers to a summerhouse and can stand for pretty much everything from a small wooden shack without running water, gas or electricity to a lavish multi-story house in the countryside. While not everyone has a dacha, most people have relatives, neighbours or friends who do, and everyone who can normally jump at the opportunity to leave the city on weekends and escape to cleaner air and nature. Dachas are usually big projects that require the involvement of the entire family. Most dachas are not used in winter, but as soon as the last snow has gone people set out to repair and prepare their dachas for the coming summer. The majority of people who have even a small plot of land still plant vegetables and herbs at their dacha and many also have apple trees and berries.

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When the Night Sets In - We Begin

The evolution of the Moscow party scene either changes with age or with years. May be it changes with the trends or people? The range of bars in the capital of bears and balalaikas is tremendous. I have been to and lived in a lot of places and from what I have experienced I can tell you that no one loves to party likes the Russians do and they are good at it; they do it with a lot of thought and soul. Nothing is done halfway and never stops changing, evolving and blooming. This is something to experience from within and you will never be left indifferent. Come night, civilians go to sleep and the party monsters wake up. You don’t know what night life is if you have never been to Moscow. Run with me through a couple of places.

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Personal Reflections of Russia and it's Stereotypes from the View Point of an Englishman

Ever since I began studying Russian and travelling to the Soviet Union and then to the Russian Federation, I have battled the stereotypes that have dominated British views about Russia and their people. At first, during the Cold War, those stereotypes were based on ideological models, then after the collapse of the Soviet Union, every Russian was a mafia boss and the country mired in crime. With my many trips to Russia to pursue my own research, or as leader to groups of students, I would always try to convey the human dimension, in other words, show Russians as actual people, and not stereotypes or clichés.

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Let the Myth Go!

Dating is a very important part of social life. In any country all over the world it can either end up with the beginning of a relationship or lead to huge disappointments. We can try and look at dating with a sense of humour or use our experiences for future reference. If we are talking about the experience of Russo-British dating, I personally would stick to the most important advice – don’t judge the whole nation by certain individuals as all people are absolutely different. Tear OFF the labels. However there are some common mistakes which are usually made by British men. Here I will guide you on what should be avoided, so as not to get into trouble when you arrange a date with Russian woman.

Stereotyping is the biggest problem in the way of harmony.

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50 Facts about Russia in the Eyes of Foreigners

This is what foreigners think about Russia and its people. True or False?

1. Russians treat cheap things with distrust.

2. The English word ‘bargain’ cannot be adequately translated into Russian because the notion of high quality goods for little money is unknown to them.

3. Freebie is quite the opposite. The fact of getting something cool for free does not make this cool thing any better.

4. Those Russians who have achieved something in life look down on those who haven’t.

5. It is not enough for them to drive an elite car; they need a car which is flasher, with a loud horn so that the rest of us make way for it.










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6 Facts About Russians You didn’t Know

It is true to say that in today’s ‘uneasy’ world any trip to a foreign land should be treated as a military campaign, and as such – should be planned accordingly. Now, whereas the logistics of it all can be placed safely in the hands of a travel agent (there is nothing these establishments cannot do or arrange for you, as long as they are paid), there are some aspects of what I call ‘culture travel’ that may become spoilers later, if not identified earlier. After all, forewarned is forearmed, even in such an innocent enterprise as a trip to Russia. Without claiming originality or any innovative know-how, this short list of Russians’ top peculiarities will hopefully find its uninitiated readership.

Russian Gloom