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RUSSIANS AND SUMMER....and you live in London?

It's Summer, Jim! But not as you know it....

If you go to visit a library in the UK, all the books are nicely arranged and categorised. They have the usual stuff like "Art", "Music" etc., even an area on "Roman Britain" and something called "New Releases" which are basically the stock that Waterstones can't sell. They also have an area called "Fiction". This is where they put the books about Summer.

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Am I Russian or English? Life Stories of Russians in the UK

‘Am I Russian or English?’ ask Russians who have settled down in the UK. Probably, there is no unambiguous answer to this question as each life story is unique. On the one hand it is difficult to lose the national identity, language and cultural values that are laid in our sub consciousness from childhood. At the same time day to day “the whole British” influence the personality to the point when it becomes difficult to identify yourself. Two understand the situation I have met two Russian girls who are living in London…

Story 1 – Inna

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Motivation Tips

As a project manager you might be searching for various ways to motivate your team members. Teams are the hardest to manage and motivate, because different people react differently to the same motivator. Read through these non-monetary motivational tips, to enable you to build team morale and make work easier and fun:

1. Start with yourself. You are the leader and a role model. Are you motivated and positive all the time? What motivates you? Work on your confidence. Always remember that one of your tasks is to inspire people to work together towards a specific goal.
2. Know your team. Who are these people? What are their expectations and professional goals? What motivates and drives them to succeed? If possible, select people you want to work with. Make sure members of the team are leaders, creators, initiators etc…get the right mixture.

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Russian “Portabello”

“Platform Mark” – that’s what Moscow's largest flea market is called. The name came from its location - on the northern outskirts of Moscow near the electric train station "Mark". It's rather inconvenient: there is no parking, to get there you have to walk on gravel.

"Mark" looks like a colourful gypsy camp. The mounds of clothes smell of mothballs; rusty utensils and tools are piled up near the entrance. But away from the entrance you can find some things at really good value prices.

On the "Mark" you can often find stylish young people selecting rare jeans from the sixties and shirts, coats or jackets. On a good day Lianozovo market has between 4,000-6,000 traders, who lay out their wares right under the feet of the customers.

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How can I discover my talents?

Dear You,

Talent is something everyone is born with – it’s not a skill, which can be learnt and shaped to perfection with lots of practise and experience. Skill is just a developed strength. Do you believe that every single individual is unique and talented? How many times have you heard others saying to you that you’re a natural at doing something – be it cooking, singing or simply making people feel better through having meaningful conversations with them?

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Russians and Champagne…

I am on the bus from central Nikolaev, en route to my flat in the northern suburbs. Actually, it’s not a bus, but they have a sort of “transit van” that would never pass any safety inspection over here - every time the driver pulls the steering wheel to the right, the bus lurches drunkenly to the left. It is clearly a sign of things to come. I get off at my stop, cross through the small maze of a “min-bazaar” where old women who are no more than 30 years old, but look like their grandmother – are selling cigarettes from Moldova, just down the road. I finally reach my apartment block. It is getting dark, and I think I can remember the code to get through the large steel door that sort of resembles a prison block – but I guess, hey, it is home… and suddenly I am in the stairwell, it smells of urine and there in the dark, is a body.

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And How Is It For You?

I am getting serious for once about the Modern Russians in London...

I spend my life on planes, not that I enjoy it. There are times when I look at a plane on the other side of the window and think, is this the moment that I am going to walk away? I don't want to sound ungrateful, but another 737 flight is just not my idea of fun. People say that travel may be good for the soul, but believe me, not at 06.00 in the morning and certainly not when you have just spent twenty minutes waiting in line behind a family on holiday who frankly don’t have a clue and have to be shouted at to take off their shoes, belts, watches etc to pass through security.

"What do you mean I can't take the baby food?"

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Please Mind the Gap: Notes of a Russian in the UK

When I first arrived in the UK nine years ago, it was like landing on the moon! I was amazed by the new territory right off the plane. London Heathrow seemed gigantic and its walkways are endless. I wondered at the suspiciously clean carpeted floors and the rather frequent, foreigner-friendly signage that made it almost impossible to get lost. But the biggest shock came in the baggage reclaim area, when I realised that there were enough trolleys for everyone and they were all free!

I can’t help but laugh at myself now, reminiscing at that first encounter with an alien culture. I was in awe. Full stop! I now think, however, that I had come from outer space. Well, it was my first ever trip abroad after all.

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And How Was It For You… Russian Food In England

My two friends are arriving at London Heathrow. They have never been to England before and they have landed at Terminal One, an experience you would not wish on anyone. But I guess planes have to land somewhere, and all the other “London Airports” are nearer to Scotland than central London – apart from that small one in Canary Wharf, that feels like you are landing in someone elses back garden. Parking my car in the “Short Stay” car park will probably cost me more than England’s national debt! But I suppose I shouldn’t complain. What are friends for if you don’t have to put yourself out every now and then? Actually that’s a good point… I digress…

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LETTERS TO YOU: “How to recognise and challenge limiting beliefs?”

Dear YOU, What is holding you back in life?  Most of our limiting beliefs were ‘installed’ in our minds in childhood. Maybe you’ve heard your parents or teachers saying “you can’t have it because you don’t deserve it, money doesn’t grow on trees, you can’t depend on anyone but yourself, I don’t have enough time, rich people are evil, nobody will ever love you if you misbehave...etc.” Sound familiar? We have all been living our lives based on these rules and guides. In a way, we always look for an easy way out and use these limiting beliefs as excuses. We can always justify why we have or haven’t done something.