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Letters to YOU: “How to stop procrastinating and start doing?”

Dear YOU,

One of the major reasons you might be procrastinating on a regular basis is because you have not found your true life purpose. We are all constantly searching for a life purpose. What is it exactly that we are looking for? What does it really mean and how do we solve the mystery? How will we know that we found it? You might want to be a good friend, a good parent or a loyal employee. But what is it really that you are here for? It has to be something bigger, something more meaningful and extraordinary. Finding life purpose is the most difficult task you will ever do. But when you find it, you will get a sense of fulfilment.

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Letters to YOU: “How can I stop living in fear?”

Dear You,

Fear is all in your mind. It’s not external. It’s there for a purpose – to protect you. Fear is helpful in small doses. The problem starts when fear overtakes your life – you respond irrationally to events in your life, you limit your vision and think negatively most of the time. You might have a fear of heights or a fear of failure – you perceive heights or failure as a possible threat, but it’s not a direct threat, just a perception. Use these tips and start living happier stress-free life.

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International Contest for Young Pop Singers New Wave 2011

Only a few days left before the start of the international contest for young pop singers NEW WAVE 2011. The event will take place in Jurmala (Latvia) from the 26 till the 31 of July. More than 17,000 applications were received for this year’s competition.


The winner will be chosen from 16 participants from 14 countries the jury have selected, they are:

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British Men and Russian Women. And How Was It For You....?

I am walking down Kreschatik: it has enormous wide pavements curving away from the rich end at Beserabska and down to Independence Square. The Dynpro hotel stands opposite, with their severe guys on the door: they were obviously away the day they did "customer service" at hotel school.
A girl bumps into me as I'm walking, "I'm really sorry", I say, in my best Russian and move over. The girl, who can hardly be more than 16 years old, blocks my path. This is clearly no accident.

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Andreï Makine: A Russian Writer in France

When I travel to Russia, as I do about two or three times a year as part of my lecturing work, I often ask Russians what they think of the work of Andreï Makine, a writer living in France who also writes in French. I am surprised when someone replies that they have even heard of him, because only one of his works has been translated into Russian, and that back in 1996, in the journal Inostrannaia literatura. Otherwise, he is only known to Russians if they read him in French or translation.

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British Look at Russians

Actually the question is the opposite. It should say "how do Londoners differ from foreigners?" It’s an awful question. It is like your wife saying "does my bum look big in this?" Or worse, your girlfriend asking, "honey do you prefer the red dress or the blue dress?" If you are already nodding in agreement, then you will know what this article is about. I promise, once you've finished it, you’ll want to go for a beer with me and together we can be like two wise men who understand the meaning of life.

The fact is, questions like this are bad news "cum laude" and the one thing I know for certain is that this article will offend somebody, so please let me apologise now. I am just a bystander, a disinterested voyeur, the messenger. It's not my fault!

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How To Survive Living In London

So. You've decided to live in London. And it's true: there are indeed worse places to live. It's just
that, if you have to get up at 6.00 every morning just to get the bus and then the train and then
the tube - just to get to work: then maybe it's not such a great place after all. Or maybe London is
like Democracy. It's the worst of all places - apart from all the others.
I'm not too sure I know much about democracy. I'm not too sure anybody is actually listening.
I mean, yes, if I can summon up enough motivation, I suppose my vote does make a difference,
but it's a bit like my membership of Chelsea football club, whether I renew my membership
or not will not really carry much influence as to whether Drogba stays.
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Letters to YOU: “How to escape rat race and improve your financial future today?”

Dear You, Financial freedom is one the goals for all of us.

Some of you might think that the road to financial stability and security is long and firm. What have you done so far to be closer to this freedom? Most people get scared when their hear words “personal finance”. We all want more money to be able to afford what we wish. It is time to start doing something to achieve financial stability here and now.

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Letters to You: “How Can I Improve My Emotional Intelligence?”

Dear You,
Emotional Intelligence is all about the ability to control emotions under different circumstances, be it at work or at home. Emotionally intelligent people are very much in touch with their own emotions (i.e. understand their own emotions, know what these emotions are telling them, how these emotions affect other people around them) and such people are able to sense the emotions of others. There are lots of theories, frameworks and research available for you to read on the subject. I will only offer you a few tips on how to start developing and improving your EI. Following through with these tips will be the best thing you will ever do for your self-development and personal growth.

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Russian Film Pioneers

This May the BFI presents Kino, a major celebration of Russian cinema, with three seasons over six months at BFI Southbank. The first part Kino: Russian Film Pioneers explores how Soviet cinema first set the world on fire in the 1920s, and can still surprise us today.