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Russia and Israel: The Perfect Partnership?

For all his “democratic shortcomings”, there is one very “Western” thing about Vladimir Putin: he is the most pro-Israeli Russian ruler since Stalin (for all his anti-Semitism, Koba the Dread actually supported founding the Jewish state, and the US and USSR were the first countries to recognise it).

Putin’s position is odd for two reasons: 1. His mix of KGB past (much of it spent harassing Jewish dissidents), Russian nationalism, and desire to restore ties with traditional Soviet allies (e.g., the Arab world) might have made him predisposed in the opposite direction; and 2. Why haven’t there been more pro-Israeli Russian leaders in the last 60 years?

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Innovative Technologies in Cryogenics Emerge as Main Topic of the Year

The winners of the international Global Energy Prize were unveiled at an official press conference, while R&D by prize winners lays the groundwork for the global energy sector.

Research in the field of cryogenics has won high acclaim by the international scientific community. This is shown by the fact that renowned experts and innovators in this area were the winners of the Global Energy Prize. The 2012 laureates are: two outstanding Russian scientists – Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) academician Valery Kostyuk and Russian Academy of Sciences academician Boris Katorgin, as well as a professor from the UK Rodney J. Allam.

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Investment Activity in Russia: Practical Steps for Foreign Investors

On 12 April, 2012 the Russian expert in investment and finance, Pavel Gagarin, held a seminar for British investors in London.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gradient Alpha Investments Group, Pavel Gagarin, held a seminar in London titled "Investment Activity in Russia: practical steps for foreign investors to achieve positive results". The event was organised by The Russia House Ltd, which has more than 40 years experience in promoting trade between Russia and the UK. It was also supported by the Trade Delegation of Russia in the UK.

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Russia’s Brain Drain

Vladimir Putin may have won the Presidential election, but hardly to the ecstatic reception he might have expected even a few years ago. Back in 2000 and 2004, the new President’s great strength was his popularity. Girl pop groups used to shower him with compliments with lyrics like ‘I want a strong man like Putin`. Today they are more likely to jeer him.

All is not well in Russia. With his support much shallower than in the past, some leading commentators believe Putin may not even last the new extended term – six years. Mounting and vocal opposition has been attributed to the growth of the affluent middle classes who are less than content with a controlled political process – or ‘managed democracy’ as Putin calls it – along with state corruption and the persistence in power of a small Kremlin elite.

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Russia is Rich but the People Remain Poor

Putin was re-elected President largely based on his record of improving the living standards of ordinary Russians after the corruption and chaos of the Yeltsin years. But Russia's relatively prosperous economy is almost solely due to the high price of oil. And while the country now boasts of extraordinary wealth, this is confined to a tiny elite while the majority of Russia's citizens languish in poverty.

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Russian Business Week 2012: Round Up

Russian Business Week, a conference that is held every February in London, summons politicians, businessmen and academics to talk about the economic climate in Russia. Given the turbulent situation in Russia after the December parliamentary elections and in anticipation of the presidential elections in March, this year’s 5th conference – couldn’t be timelier

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The Rich Cry Too: Government Mulls Luxury Tax

Well-heeled Russians may soon have reason to wince, as the Russian government appears to be moving ahead with plans to introduce taxes on luxury and status consumption. The consumption of luxury goods is already high in Russia, but the imposition of taxes on certain luxury goods is coming at a time when a growing number of middle-class Russians are trying to enhance their identity and quality of life with luxury goods, experts say. The luxury tax, which the government plans to introduce next year, is part of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's "decisive tax manoeuvre," which he said would put the country's natural resource based finances on a more sustainable footing.

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Maintaining Minimum Goodwill

Despite losing an overwhelming majority in Parliament, Russia's ruling United Russia Party may be spearheading specific initiatives aimed at preventing more Russians from sliding into poverty.

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Russian Business Week 2012

9 – 11 February

London School of Economics and Political Science

Russian Business Society with the support of RussianMind magazine presents Russian Business Week 2012.

Russian Business Week is an annual conference addressing the most important and controversial issues facing Russia and the World. It is usually held in at the London School of Economic and Political Science and sponsored by many international and domestic Russian companies and organizations. This year topic is “Russia and the changing World” 

 This year speakers include:

 Russian Ambassador to the UK His Excellency A.V. Yakovenko - Special Guest

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The Super-Rich Just Get Richer

In August this year, the record for the most expensive UK home was breached yet again. The price: £140 million. The property: Park Place, a 300-year old, Grade-II listed mansion overlooking the Thames near Henley. Sitting in 200 acres of parkland and complete with trademark helipad and spa, the property’s buyer was an unidentified Russian.