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How to Win Business in London?

Introducing the ProfoMedia Business Forum

If you are reading this article - the chances are that you are in business somewhere. And you know as obviously, as night follows day, that the secret of being successful, is Persistence. But getting over your message, communicating the good things you do - continually to your customers: but at a minimal cost... The trick is, how do you do this?

Welcome to the Business Forum

The Business Forum is a paid-for Membership Club, that uses the power of being a Press Agency, to publish your material continually to a targeted audience of readers and visitors that fit the profile of who you are aiming at. 

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International Banking Forum: 18 Years of Success

The 18th International Russian Banking Forum is a key annual international business conference for top banking executives already active or interested in Russia. Over the course of 4 days the attendees enjoy a highly interactive and information packed programme, lots of networking and many thought-provoking discussions. Over 250 participants attend this event annually, with a staggering 85% being Board-level executives.

The Forum offers a comprehensive overview of the most crucial macro-economic issues for Russian and international banking, and will cover the hottest industry topics and most pressing challenges and is set to answer 7 key questions:

-What is the current regulatory landscape?

-What are the leading banks growth strategies for 2012 and beyond?

-Where to access funding?

-What are the optimal risk management strategies in the new regulatory and market environment?

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Hurricane Irene, consumer confidence damage August auto sales

August auto sales slacked off July's speed, as reported by Automotive News. Hurricane Irene and flagging consumer confidence are primarily at fault. Article source: August auto sales fall below expectations, post-Irene

Still showing issues in economy

Car makers ended up cutting back sales of automobiles and trucks by 900,000 from 2011 and 2012 estimates, as shown in a Bloomberg survey of August vehicle sales. Cutbacks occurred in no small part due to forecasts that the U.S. economy as a whole may grow by less than 3 percent through 2013, with an unemployment rate just above 8 percent, as reported by the Congressional Budget Office.

Irene causes sales to drop

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Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a crucial part of performance management, disliked by both managers and employees. However, as a manager you can make this process very pleasant, simple and straightforward. Make the most of performance reviews with these tips:

1.       Make performance appraisal all about conducting an effective and unbiased performance review. Effective appraisal means not offending employees, but cooperating together to understand the performance level and how it can be improved in the future. Unbiased appraisal means treating all employees with respect, assessing only work-related performance and not personal preferences.

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Performance Management

Performance management is a crucial contributor to a company’s success. How do you know that employees enjoy doing their job or just to get the job done? As a manager, you should be able to monitor and measure performance on a regular basis, as well as help your staff be happy and productive at work.

1. Organisational goals need to be met. As a manager, you can try various managerial styles to adopt the one that suits you and your team the best. Your staff should feel comfortable with your leadership style and you have to feel comfortable with yourself. Find the right balance in order to get the job done well.

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Organisational Change Management

Change management is one of the hardest practices within an organisation to adopt. As a manager you might find it challenging to help your employees cope with organisational changes in an effective way. However, you can thrive through change better with these basic change management tips:

1.  Explain to your employees that changes do happen in organisations to maximize productivity and increase turnover. Employees should not be kept in the dark. Let them know what the changes are for, how the company and its’ staff will be affected and how long the whole change process will last.

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The Russian Davos

Mentioning Churchill’s famous “Russiais a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” has become a sine qua non for any discussion of foreign investment in Russia. However, we picked up a few more quotations that have expanded on securing global growth, building Russia’s creative capital and expanding technological horizons. These three topics were the focal points of the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that took place on 16-18 June.

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Investment Expert

Fighting corruption. Improving the country’s investment climate. These have been among the Russian government’s economic priorities in recent years.

Meanwhile, the challenging investment landscape has forced Russian investment money to go elsewhere. Between 2008 and 2010, an estimated £143 billion in capital exited the country.

With all of this capital in transit, the question arises: Where in the world are Russians setting up their foreign investments? And what is motivating those choices?

The Trust Industry and Investing

The Trust industry is one that helps individuals and organisations to find the appropriate locales for investments. As such, it is Trust professionals and their colleagues who collect market intelligence on the world’s most efficient investment landscapes.

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Conflict Resolution

As a project manager or an organisational leader, you are responsible for maintaining a healthy work environment. Conflict resolution skills are vital for a company’s success and positive culture. Intervening in interpersonal conflicts in a respectful way will boost your confidence and make relationships stronger. Build your conflict resolution skills with these tips and techniques:

1.      Acknowledge there is a conflict. Learn how to deal with it; don’t avoid it. Interpersonal conflicts don’t go away by themselves. Even when the conflict seems to be resolved on the surface, it can rear at the worst possible moment if it hasn’t been dealt with properly.

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Empowering Employees

Managing people at work is about motivation, productivity, accomplishment, contribution and empowerment. Empowering employees improves job satisfaction and positively affects business growth. Effective managers never give away responsibility and authority completely; they allow their employees to grow and feel important. Do not allow your best assets to walk out the door.

1.      Create a positive work environment. You are a role model. Be happy and energetic at work. It is all about your attitude. Your employees will feel that you are motivated to work and will definitely follow your lead.