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Stress Management for Managers

Work related stress is an evergreen topic of occupational health psychology. Costs involved, both human and financial, in resolving this issue are ridiculously high. Even though it is impossible to be completely stress-free, effective management plays a vital role in reducing and preventing job stress. You can make a big difference when taking on board these simple stress management tips:


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Teamwork Motivation

   As a project manager you might be searching for the various ways to motivate your team members. Teams are the hardest to manage and motivate, because different people react differently to the same motivator. Reading through these non-monetary motivation tips, you will be able to build team morale and make work easy and fun.

          1. Start with yourself. You are a leader and a role model. Are you motivated and positive all the time? What motivates you? Work on your confidence. Always remember that one of your tasks is to inspire people to work together towards a specific goal.

          2. Know your team. Who are these people? What are their expectations and professional goals? What motivates and drives them to success? If possible, select people you want to work with. Make sure members of the team are leaders, creators, initiators etc…get the right mixture.

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The Art of Negotiation

The Negotiation process does not have to be awkward and uncomfortable. We all negotiate on a daily basis. Negotiation skills are vital for negotiating deals in various industries. Effective negotiations require a variety of skills, which are easy to learn and practise.

*Do not be afraid to ask. The fear behind the negotiation process is unjustified. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to save money or resolving conflicts. On the contrary, there is something wrong with not wanting to negotiate. Know what you want and what you do not want. Know your goals as well as thinking what the other side might want. Ask for everything you want and continue negotiating until you are completely satisfied.

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High Tech Oligarchs

As the number of Russian billionaires swells to record numbers (101 from last year’s 62) - recession be damned! – old-school raw materials magnates face competition from a new breed of internet entrepreneurs.

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Social media capitalise on Russia's history of censorship.

Social media capitalise on Russia's history of censorship.


Konstantin ROZHNOV.


When it comes to self publishing, writers and readers in Russia have more experience than most.

In Soviet times, the phenomenon of samizdat – the Russian word for self publishing – was the only way for many to make themselves heard in an environment strictly guarded by theBBC Russian Service's Soviet propaganda  machine.

Moreover, it was one of very few ways, along with word of mouth and the BBC Russian Service's radio programmes, to learn about things the Soviet censorship wanted to keep secret.

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Russia, Seeking to Emulate Silicon Valley.




Russia is building its own version of Silicon Valley near Moscow. The 6,000-acre innovation center’s only global outpost was officially opened this week in Menlo Park.

The opening marked a major step in Russia’s efforts to increase its presence in Silicon Valley, as the nation seeks to diversify its economy and invest in emerging technologies.

Construction of the SkolkovoInnovation Center is poised to begin near Moscow by the end of this year. Within five years, the complex could house more than 15,000 researchers, executives and students. Another 10,000 people are expected to commute to the town-like compound.