Event Diary

Event Diary
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Baltic Midsummer Festival 2014 - 22 June

Venue: Belhus Woods Country Park 

Organizator: RuConnect Ltd 

Tickets Sale: On Sale

 Fun Day for all the Family! Free Entrance.

London is the capital of Britain, mega-polis, business centre. For the second time we organize the traditional Baltic Midsummer Festival 2014 on Sunday, 22 June 2014.

Leave the dusty city, get in the car with your friends, kids, dogs and come to the beautiful countryside for the day full of activities and entertainment.

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Smells like Movie Spirit!

The Cote d’azur gets used to many unpleasant comments such as dull, narrow-minded, old-fashioned, provincial, mediocre and ugly. But in the middle of May thanks to the Cannes Film Festival the modest town on the French Riviera turns into an enthralling sight. Are there any secrets?

Cannes Babylon

The Cannes Film Festival is considered to be the second most important event after the Olympics. It works like a Swiss watch, without fail. Except one misunderstanding, when Cannes was led by left wing revolutionaries who hated all "bourgeois" in the ever-memorable event in 1968. Of course the festival did not exist during the Nazi occupation.

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Russian Ball 2013 – Diary

It’s the second day of winter in London at the Royal Albert Hall. My partner’s hand is gently resting on my hand. Her refined smile, chic hair and dress, while like snow - drive me crazy. Together silently but in unison we are counting steps - two more to go and we will be about to take our first step with our right leg onto the first step of the stairs - our first step into a different world: the world of beauty and movement, into the world of a magnificent ball. Delight and joy are overwhelming the soul and I feel grace, beauty and generations coming together in one place.

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Tsar in London exhibition

This year the Russian community is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov. Starting from Peter the Great in the 17th century, Tsars visited London as guests of the Royal Family. The visits of the Russian monarchs had considerable impact on British culture, besides the affinity between the two royal houses.