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Event Guide
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1920s Secret Soviet Dinner and Cabaret, 18 May-8 June

In celebration of our great leader, Lenin, and his eternal victory against capitalism, Western bourgeoisie materialism, and the counter-revolutionary White Guard, we are inviting you to a secret underground Russian restaurant for favoured and important comrades of the USSR and true Socialists all…

From 18th May until 8th June, on Friday and Saturday evenings, Russian Revels are taking over a desolate pub in Clerkenwell to invite you into the exuberant world of Soviet 1920s

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Treasures of the Royal Courts: Tudors, Stuarts and the Russian Tsars, 26 March – 14 July

The ever-fascinating subject of cultural diplomacy and trade between Britain and Russia, starting with their origins in 1555 when the Muscovy Company was founded, provides the impetus for this exhibition. The show reveals the pageantry of royal courts between the times of Henry VIII and Charles II, and Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) and the early Romanovs, exploring how monarchs sought to strengthen their power against a backdrop of religious and social upheaval.

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Victory Day in London, 9 May

A Commemorative Gala Performance by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (RPCO) dedicated to the victorious alliance of Britain and Russia in the Arctic Convoys 1941-1945 of the Second World War will take place on Thursday 9 May 2013, at 18:30 in The Hay’s Galleria, London SE1 2HD.

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Acquiring Russian-speaking clientele

Acquiring Russian-speaking clientele
23rd of April, 2013
6.30 pm
Restaurant "SamarQand", 18 Thayer street, W1U 3JY, London

Tickets: £50 (includes food and drinks) / RSVP: tg@russianmind.eu


logolfPanel discussion / networking event


Gary Hersham, MD at "Beauchamp Estates"

Trevor Barton, Executive Director at Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

Richard Bloss,  author of "The Russian Tourist Guide to London" and partner at CRTP

James Leach, Group Marketing Director at Air Charter Service


23rd of April, 2013

6.30 pm

Restaurant "SamarQand", 18 Thayer street, W1U 3JY, London

Tickets: £50 (includes food and drinks) / RSVP: tg@russianmind.eu


Understanding Russians and their mentality sometimes can be a hard task. Hence we're hosting an event, a panel discussion, to help business owners better understand Russian clients and their needs.

On the 23rd of April we're inviting some of the key players in UK market that deals with Russian clients (private as well as corporate) to share their experiences and knowledge.

We gladly invite all interested to participate in the event, to hear some of the insider's knowledge from the high-profile speakers, take part in the Q&A session as well as meet the other guests.

Drinks & food menu is provided by restaurant "SamarQand" which will represent some amazing delights from Central Asian & Russian cuisines as well as their signature cocktails and wine.

Ticket price is £50 and that includes food and drink.


rmsIf you'd like to get any more information,get a press pass or discuss a partnership/sponsorship opportunity, you can e-mail Tomas Grizas: tg@russianmind.eu

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Party like Russians on 24 April with RussianMind Club!

RussianMind Club is back with its first 2013 event. It’s time to shake you up after the long winter with a good party!

On 24 April 2013 RussianMind Club invites you to party in style and from dusk till dawn. In other words – TO PARTY LIKE RUSSIANS!

From the magnificent dancing balls of the Imperial Russia to Soviet-style “kitchen talks’ and home concerts to the glitzy nightclubs of the “Putin's Glamour” era – what makes Russian parties so exceptional?

Why are Russians such party animals?

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Total Dictation in London, 6 April

Being literate is cool! Will you accept the Russian language challenge?

Total Dictation is a program aimed at promoting literacy among Russian speakers.

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Russian Maslenitsa Week

Russian Festival Maslenitsa is the celebration that marks the end of winter chills and the start of spring, warmth, hope and growth. Not surprisingly, it is a particularly big deal in Russia!

It has already become the tradition to celebrate Russian Maslenitsa in various locations around London:



FREE ENTRY, 18:30-20:00, Waterstones Picadillly, London, UK