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Food Matters
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Roka Comes To Aldwych

Rainer Becker has taken the international dining scene by storm with his group of Zuma and Roka Restaurants and the latest in his portfolio is a branch of Roka in London’s Aldwych. The new location is the largest outpost of Roka in the country and is situated in the heart of London’s theatreland. Aldwych has recently seen an expansion in new high end restaurants and trendy bars making it no surprise that Rainer decided to open here. This is the second opening in London this year marking the anniversary of the flagship branch in Charlotte Street after a triumphant 10 year anniversary. Designed in collaboration with Claudio Silvestrin, the restaurant stays true to the Roka brand with the signature porphyry stone and tanned leathers throughout. Other details include a water feature to greet guests upon arrival inspired by Japan’s Yaeyama tropical islands. Master mixologists are also on hand serving up Signature cocktails and a selection created especially for the Aldwych location.

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Peruvian Street Dining at Senor Ceviche

Following on from the highly successful chain of pop-ups, Senor Ceviche has opened the doors to it's first permanent residence in the stylish surroundings of London's Kingly Court. The Peruvian restaurant serves contemporary tapas food and street styled BBQ style dishes all in a relaxed and fun environment. Founder, Harry Edmeades spent quite some time working amongst some of Lima's best restaurants and the food and ambience of Senor Ceviche takes inspiration from his time in Peru. Signature dishes include include the iconic Ceviches from the original pop-ups such as Sea Bream & King Prawn Ceviche with Aji marillo Tiger's Milk and Baby Squid. I couldn't get enough of the BBQ Specials on offer and in particular, the Super Chicken is a must, this accompanied with the Latin American Music and Chica Street Art create the mood for a fun and enjoyable evening. Senor Ceviche also has lunch specials making it ideal for a stop off when shopping in nearby Carnaby Street.

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Bio-tiful Dairy Pops Up At Dacha Festival

Bio-tiful Dairy makes the tastiest organic cultured milk drinks – Kefir and Riazhenka – in the UK. These super-healthy and delicious drinks are made authentically, only with the highest quality organic British milk and live cultures of beneficial bacteria.

Bio-tiful Dairy will be promoting their award-winning Kefir and Riazhenka at the South Bank’s Real Food Festival on 26-28 September at ‘Dacha’, a 3-day pop-up event celebrating Russian and East European flavours in London.

FREE tastings and ability to buy super drinks throughout the weekend at the South Bank!

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Dacha by Russian Revels - South Bank, 26th - 28th September 2014

A three-day pop-up celebrating Eastern European flavours in London: from the Baltic Sea, via the Ukrainian steppe to the Georgian mountains.

Russian Revels, London-based designers of chic Slavic dining experiences, are joining forces with the Real Food Market, to bring the flavours of former Soviet Union cultures to London’s iconic South Bank.

Russian Revels have been challenging the image of Eastern European food in the capital through their immersive pop-ups (including ‘The spies came in from the cold…’, ‘Anna Karenina’s feast’, ‘The Futurist dinner’). They combine traditions of their mothers with cosmopolitan ingredients and humour.

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Of Russian Summers and Soviet Hipsters 29 July

29 July

Why Join the Table?

Anya Von Bremzen is an award winning food writer whose latest ‘Mastering the Art of Soviet Dining’: a Memoir of Food and Longing has won this year’s Book of the year by the Guild of Food Writers.

We are co-hosting a one-off dinner inspired by the era of Soviet hippy intelligentsia and posidelki during long Russian summers in iconic Moscow kommunalki apartments.

The intimate evening around one large table for 20 with take place at crumbly and magnificent 128 Kensington Church Street.

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Music of Risotto: How to Make It a Real Italian?

Italian composer Antonio Rossini enjoyed cooking as much as writing music. Sometimes, he did them simultaneously. Di Tanti Palpity, the most popular aria of those times, was known as ''Rice Aria'' because Rossini composed it whilst cooking risotto. Rossini considered Haute cuisine and beautiful music to be two trees that come from one root and aspired to perfection in both fields. 

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March to May Picnic

With the forthcoming May holidays, for any Russian who grew up in Soviet times, the images of parades, demonstrations and marches would be flooding back.

The whole family used to be rounded up together to head out to the Red Square for a fun day. The spring in Moscow was just getting through the door in the end of April- beginning of May. We were excited to be out amongst the rustle and bustle of animated people, colorful balloons and flags. As a reward, as if these activities were not enough, we were treated to an ice cream in an ice cream parlour.

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Eat the seasons

It’s all about eating seasonal right now. You are definitely with it if you go gathering wild mushrooms and afterwards prepare a lovely hearty meal with them in September; enjoy cracking walnuts, sitting snugly near the fire, in December or savor sweet aromatic strawberries with champagne on a freshly trimmed lawn in July.

Numerous websites and blogs appear every day to help you navigate through the uncharted territory of seasonal food. It almost comes to the point that you need to have a chart of seasonal produce on a fridge to consult before setting off to go food shopping or to your local farmer’s market which is even better.

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Summers Under the Vine

Born in Moscow I was fortunate to go every summer holiday to the Northern Caucasus – a place where the land is exposed to the sun and generously rewards with delicious fruits of the Earth. I grew up with rich flavors of freshly cut aromatic herbs, juicy ripe apricots falling into your hands, and green young walnuts which were transformed into delicious preserves in the skillful hands of my Grandmother. Childhood memories never leave you. I used to wake up in the morning to the hustle of my Grandma in the kitchen who, already having been to the market, was grinding walnuts for some exquisite Caucasian desert or whipping eggs for a breakfast feast.