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Okean Elzy in London – the Unity of Spirit

In the difficult time of political turmoil the concert of the popular Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy meant way more than just listening to their music.

Ukrainians living in London, wearing elements of national costume and holding flags, came to the concert on Sunday 9 March 2014 at the Forum for a feeling of unity, which became incredibly important for their whole nation in recent times.

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Russian Names and Titles

Russian names have three parts: a first name (forename), a so-called "patronymic" middle name, and a surname. The "patronymic" derives from the father's name followed by the suffixes. These are "evich" or "ovich" for a son (meaning son of) or "evna" or "ovna" for a daughter (meaning daughter of). Example: A woman's full name might be Tatiana Ivanovna Smirnova. This means that her father's first name was Ivan. Her brothers' name could be Sergey Ivanovich Smirnov.

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New Russians: Who are They?

As a result of the changes this country has undergone since the early 1990s, a class of so-called "new Russians" has developed. These people acquired a lot of wealth very quickly (whether legally or not is another question) and have become somewhat conspicuous consumers. Very western in their dress and manner, these new captains of Russian commerce are demanding and getting the attention of others who are not in the same position. People who do not belong to this circle of the chosen few usually (and understandably) do not approve of their flamboyance.

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The Russian Mind-Set

For most Russians, transitioning into new democracy with its associated freedoms has not been an easy task, and for many particularly members of the older generations, the change was not a welcome one. The failure of communism brought with it freedom that many were not prepared to exercise. Not all have welcomed the substantial restructuring of the social order that followed the implosion of the USSR - for mainly apolitical reasons (worsening of conditions for pensioners, state health care patients, educational institutions, cultural organizations, etc).

Russian Personality

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Romantic Roland Garros

In the Paris Grand Slam tennis players regulate not only their sport career, but also personal life.

If the Australian Open is loved by exotic character, Wimbledon - for adherence of traditions, US Open - for democratic atmosphere, Roland Garros is cloaked in a veil of romance. The Paris Grand Slam is associated with romance for audiences as well as for players thanks to its favorable location, in the heart of France, in the city glorified by writers, directors and PR managers.

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The Voice of Reason or Obstruction? Russia’s role in the United Nations

Richard Royal, Chairman of the Westminster Russia Forum, reports on an event with Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Chairman of UNA-UK.

The role of Russia in the United Nations has been a pertinent topic throughout the organisation’s 68 year existence, where both the Soviet Union and subsequently Russia have at times had a turbulent relationship, but is particularly relevant of late with issues such as Iran, North Korea and Syria dominating headlines and often splitting global opinion. 

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I was a Potato Oligarch

John Mole’s book, ‘I was a Potato Oligarch’, is described in the blurb as ‘eye-wateringly funny and always entertaining’ and having read it from cover to cover, I can vouch for the fact that this summary is entirely accurate. It is categorised by genre as travel narrative and business, but I think it would be equally at home in the comedy section of any decent bookshop. I spent a few weeks reading the book on and off, covering a lot of ground on buses, trains and aeroplanes and appropriately, turning the last page in a coffee shop in St Petersburg.

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Shepherd's Bar and Bistro: The Perfect Dinning at Westminster

If you are looking for the place to have a great dinner, fine wine and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, pop in to Shepherd’s Bar & Bistro, which is perfectly located in Westminster, minutes from Parliament.

After the refurbishment, the place known as Shepherd’s restaurant and has been reborn as the Shepherd’s Bar & Bistro reflecting the best dinning traditions of the Langan’s Restaurant Group empire.

Situated in Marsham Street, the new look restaurant, designed by Russell Sage Studio is spread across a civilized and conversation-enhancing area of 5,000 sq. ft.

Yet it is open Monday – Friday from 11am until midnight, but soon will be opening 7 days a week.

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Us and the Russians: realising our similarities!

‘Culture is the thing we only notice when it is different’. This is one of the reasons we love to travel – we love to see different places and to experience something of another culture. Journeying to and spending time in another country provides us with an escape and a fresh view on life, giving us an insight into things from another point of view. So when we travel abroad, whether we know it or not, we are in a constant mind-set of comparing things. We love to identify the differences between cultures and when we are in another country for any length of time, we can get to know the people, delve a little deeper and understand different culture’s mentality.

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Nostalgic Diary of a Travelling Soul - The Best of London in 3 Days

Nostalgia is often perceived as a negative word. Yet it is prone to revive memories and stir emotions.

I left London in June 2011, my head and heart was full of bitterness, and it is only now that I understand that it was because I was so exhausted. I was tired of the system, of the people, and of studying hard at University. Following the world's favourite idiom; 'the grass is always greener on the other side' I went back to Moscow. A year and a half later, I’d still rather be anywhere other than the UK, yet I get waves of nostalgia from my time in London.