50 Facts about Russia in the Eyes of Foreigners

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50 Facts about Russia in the Eyes of Foreigners

This is what foreigners think about Russia and its people. True or False?

1. Russians treat cheap things with distrust.

2. The English word ‘bargain’ cannot be adequately translated into Russian because the notion of high quality goods for little money is unknown to them.

3. Freebie is quite the opposite. The fact of getting something cool for free does not make this cool thing any better.

4. Those Russians who have achieved something in life look down on those who haven’t.

5. It is not enough for them to drive an elite car; they need a car which is flasher, with a loud horn so that the rest of us make way for it.














6. They persistently call lazy waitresses with a strange word ‘devushka’ meaning ‘mam’.

7. You can’t survive in the Moscow Metro without knowing how to elbow other people.

8. Everybody can buy a beer and drink it anywhere and nobody will arrest you.

9. The Russians like hanging out in the kitchen and talk about life philosophically.

10. They avoid talking about their work.

11. Japanese people envy the dachas which Russians have.

12. At any party, people get promptly separated according to their gender.

13. You will be shocked seeing the number of policemen patrolling the streets.

14. The Russians never throw things away. Seriously!

15. However, if you secretly throw half of the stuff away, nobody will notice it.














16. An unknown Russian is likely to address you unceremoniously as ‘man’ or ‘woman’.

17. The phrase ‘I’m sorry to bother you’ can only be uttered by a beggar.

18. They never say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.

19. Any problem can be solved by pulling strings.

20. Their saying ‘Imprudence is the second happiness’ can only be understood by them.

21. Russians drink a lot of vodka and it is not a myth.

22. You don’t have to worry about your life, really.

23. The freezing Russian winter is a myth. The majority of the big cities are located in the temperate zone.

24. Russian men are confident that feminism causes a collapse of the system like it has in the US and Europe.

25. They think that Americans think that in Russia bears walk in the streets. The Russians made it up themselves. In Moscow you can find T-shirts printed with ‘I’ve been to Russia. There are no bears there’. They think it is very patriotic.














26. They do not understand foreigners who immigrate to Russia and believe that everybody should emigrate from Russia.

27. Russian dentists are really surprised learning that a patient has come for an examination and has no pain in the teeth.

28. They are not big fans of teeth cleaning and flossing.

29. They drink tea with a ton of sugar! An American dentist would die seeing this.

30. The majority of the Russian population misuse smileys.

31. The number of brackets reflects the level of happiness and joy.

32. They want to belong to Europe.

33. The Moscow Metro is the best in the whole world! A ticket costs less than a dollar, there are no zones and during rush hour trains come every 90 seconds.

34. Even so there are a lot of people who under no circumstances will go by the underground. They’d rather stay for hours in endless jams.

35. In fact, those who immigrate to Russia are complete losers. They cannot fulfil themselves at home and want to live in Russia because in this country they are treated with respect.
















36. On every occasion they organise parties with food, drinks, etc. Generosity is very typical of Russians.

37. The meaning of the word ‘pechka’ (stove) can be understood only by Russians, unless you spend winter in a remote Russian village where ‘pechka’ is the only warm place in the whole house.

38. They don’t like it when other people speak foreign languages as they think it is suspicious.

39. Alcohol and everything connected to it is a part of Russian culture and literature.

40. If a Russian doesn’t drink, watch out!

41. They begin celebrating New Year at 11.30 p.m. (30 minutes before the New Year) and celebrate it for three days or so.

42. They do not use blinds in their houses and the curtains do not fully protect them from the sunlight.

43. The only alcohol-free places in Russia are McDonalds and KFC.

44. They do love hanging rugs on the walls!

45. Do not smile! It irritates!















46. Borsch, stuffed cabbage rolls and fruit dumplings do not belong to Russian cuisine, they are Ukranian dishes.

47. They live together with their elderly parents and grown-up children all their life.

48. Despite traffic jams and terrible roads, the Russians buy expensive gas-guzzlers.

49. Sushi became so popular that it is now their national dish.

50. Russians are very hospitable. So if you come by, be ready to drink black tea and eat fattening food (like sausages).

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