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RussianMind (RM) is the quarterly magazine and the online resource which explores the mindset of people from CIS countries and provides a platform for cross-cultural communication. RussianMind is the part of Russian Media Solutions.

www.russianmind.eu is developed as an online social network magazine, where readers can create their personal profiles to keep an archive of their favourite articles and easily track any further development of the chosen subject. They can engage in direct conversation with bloggers or fellow readers, express opinions & share experience. 
RussianMind possesses unique historical heritage. It was founded in 1880 by Vukol Lavrov. Back in 1889 the fiction department of the magazine was led by Anton Chekhov, “La Pensee Russe” had over 8000 subscribers in St. Petersburg and Moscow. After 1917 October revolution which was described by Russian Mind as the disaster for the country, we were forced to relocate to Paris. Throughout the 20th century France was the centre of the global Russian emigration where Russian Mind was published in the newspaper format. Nowadays, the capital of the global Russian émigré community moved to London, where currently publish new and modern Russian Mind magazine
Nowadays RussianMind hard copy magazine is the monthly publication which allows readers to influence the content using the social network. The most readable & popular articles form the basis of the coming issue. Thus using RussianMind  magazine, readers have an opportunity to publish their thoughts and share them with the world.

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