Are Vodka, Bears and the KGB a thing of the past?

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Are Vodka, Bears and the KGB a thing of the past?

It seems to me that society adopts stereotypes on purpose – not going into any detail and therefore make life easier. Stereotypes themselves have a certain summary, which are used to describe specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things.

For instance, if you ask a foreigner what he knows about Great Britain, 99% of answers would be the Queen, Big Ben, 5 o’clock tea and the rainy weather. In the same situation I doubt that British people say the same things due to their knowledge, understanding and personal associations with their Motherland.

The same situation exits with Russians. If you ask me what comes to my mind when we talk about Russia, I would say anything except vodka, bears, frost, the KGB or whatever Europeans have to say about it. Russia is more than that.

I am not blaming those who repeat stereotypes about Russians unconsciously, but I would argue with those who are standing on their positions, convincing others in their absolute certainty and having at the same time very little general knowledge about Russia.

It is a long process in understanding another’s nation, its mentality, lifestyles and views. I believe that in the UK there are very many British and European people, who want to understand the “Russian soul”. For some unknown reason to me, the Russian “soul” is attractive to them.

The purpose of our RussianMind project is to give a good platform for cross-cultural communication, so that Russian and Brits can easily communicate with each other and open undiscovered views of each other and for each other.

As I mention above, Russia is MORE and we are trying to show you this in every article.

Enjoy our pieces and be more broad-minded!