Bomberg Watches

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Bomberg Watches

Bomberg is a relatively new company on the Swiss watchmaking industry, however, they have already created a huge impact. Having launched in 2012, the brand is now set to launch in the UK and 2015 will see the brand emerge as a new dimension in what has always been considered a fairly classic industry.

The brand itself is centred around provocative and edgy marketing and the watches themselves are equally as bold and aggressive marking a new era in the luxury watch market. Bomberg launched in 2013 at Basel and now boasts stockists in over 20 countries and being sported by a whole host of celebrities and athletes alike.

Competitively priced, the watches range from £450 with the more expensive models costing up to £2850. Famed designer Jean Pierre Braganza has also announced a collaboration with Bomberg and his watches are set to be shown on the runway over London Fashion Week (do keep an eye out for our coverage of the show!).

Perhaps the most unique and noteworthy collection is the 1968 range, Bomberg's most iconic model, the watch features a retro Bullhead configuration which originates from the 60's and 70's.

Wear one of these and just watch how many people ask you the time....