Dr Mervyn Patterson On Botox

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Dr Mervyn Patterson On Botox

Dr Mervyn Patterson is widely recognised as one of the leading practitioners in aesthetic medicine in the country, he alongside Dr Hilary Allan has established the Woodford Medical Group to be one of the finest clinic groups in the world.

Constantly at the forefront of the industry, Dr Patterson continues to pioneer the latest in aesthetic treatments with a standard of excellence both in results and client care.

Dr Patterson specialises in botox, the procedure is becoming increasingly popular amongst men and women of all ages. As we approach the peak of summer it's the perfect time to consider the treatment and the results can be a flawless looking complexion.

I managed to catch him at the flagship London branch of Woodford Medical, on the prestigious Upper Wimpole Street to get some answers on the long-standing myths surrounding botox treatments and tips for those thinking to try it.

At what age would you generally recommend to start having Botox of the face?

Age is not the deciding factor when considering when to start Botox. If the skin is starting to become marked and etched by the repeated muscle movement then it’s time to consider Botox.

How often should clients return for follow up appointments?

I ask my clients to always come in for a two week review after their Botox appointment. I like to assess the treatment area, check the client is happy with their results and see if any top up is needed in their area of concern. I would advise 3 – 4 treatments in the first year of having Botox as one wants to get ahead of the problem to truly prevent wrinkles in the future.

Which areas should be enhanced with Botox to give a natural look?

The forehead and eyes are the most popular places to have Botox to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is great at getting rid of the negative angry look of the frowns and also helps to elevate the brows slightly. An experienced practitioner will air on the side of caution with the upper forehead and most people prefer a natural softening of the lines rather than a complete removal of every trace of movement. Advanced Botox practitioners can also use Botox to subtly lift the corner of the mouth and soften lip lines. The jaw line can be made to look sharper with better definition and the neck itself can be smoothed with carefully placed injections.

Can having Botox improve skin texture at all?

A secondary benefit of Botox is that it can make the skin tone more even looking with a smaller pore size. Some people even believe that the skin is less oily and less prone to outbreaks. Also if the complexion is less lined it automatically looks softer, smoother and fresher.

What are the benefits of seeing an experienced practitioner?

It is extremely important to do your research and ensure you are treated by a practitioner who has been performing the treatment for a number of years. You need to feel confident that the doctor is listening to you so that you achieve the look that you want. Most people seeking Botox nowadays do not want others to know they are having it done and the ability to deliver that pleasing but subtle effect only comes from seeing someone who is experienced in the art of Botox.
At Woodford Medical we have been performing Botox for over 20 years and have a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the procedure.

Does having Botox hurt and how big are the needles generally used to carry out the procedure?

Botox is virtually pain free. The treatment is performed using very fine needles and involves a small number of tiny injections of the Botox solution into the muscle groups that are causing the lines and wrinkles.

What is the expected recovery/down time following on from Botox?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment but a few may encounter some very slight bruising, due to the needle, which can be easily covered with make-up. The full effect of Botox takes between 4-14 days to develop and gives a smooth, wrinkle free appearance for approximately 3-4 months.

How can having Botox (as opposed to fillers) give a more natural look?

With care and skill a Doctor can selectively target the really negative muscles such as the frown between the eyebrows whilst subtly reducing the activity of the upper forehead, this way people can still retain some degree of natural movement which is what most people desire. With facial fillers the lines are filled in whereas with Botox the lines and wrinkles are smoothed away – therefore giving a much more subtle effect.

Are there any other benefits to having Botox?

Botox can address a whole range of concerns helping you regain your confidence and self-esteem. Several studies have shown that people suffering from depression feel much better in themselves after Botox treatments; in fact Botox gives them better improvements in their mood than anti-depressants. For those plagued with chronic headache and migraine relieving the muscle tension with Botox treatments can make a huge difference to the number of headaches they get. In the clinic we see a lot of patients who are suffering from grinding of their teeth and associated facial ache.
A simple injection into their jaw muscle can not only reduce their symptoms but it also gives the lower face a better shape as it reduces the enlargement of the chewing muscle.
Another amazing benefit of Botox is its ability to reduce sweating into the area that has been injected; this can have dramatic effects in the areas such as underarms and foreheads where sweating can be socially very embarrassing for people.

Consultations with Dr Patterson are by appointment only, Woodford Medical currently has clinics in London, Essex, Belfast, Cambridge, Belper and Leamington Spa.