Eugene Brimmerberg’s Second Major Solo-Show in London

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On the 29th May SECRET ART POP-UP gallery with support of CBRE Residential and CapCo presented Eugene Brimmerberg’s second major solo-show in London. The launching party for the exhibition took place in luxurious The Beecham Penthouse in Covent Garden.

The Beecham is a unique venue development in the cultural heart of London – Covent Garden. It’s penthouse duplex apartment overlooks the historical piazza and Royal Opera House. The guests could taste rare wines from MonteVino and delicious homemade pies, and delicate canapés from newly opened Stolle restaurant.

One of the main partners was Rinz Sound.

The guests of the evening were Margarita Yanovskaya- director Novator company;  Marianna Molchanova - owner of fashion brand LubiMenya; Mayank Soni - owner of jewelry house MBj; Zaure Mukhamadieva - chevron; Max and Peter Zaltsman;  Sanjay Chandra - director of Unitech;  Alice Zotimova - CBRA; Nicolas Kullmann - CEO of Renaissance PR;Michael Nigel – director of BIA Investor Relations Company; Cristy Kim – founder of Global Asia Centre for International Studies; Sanford Henry – businessmen; Ilona Kesaeva – art director at Secret Art; Victoria Baileys – co-founder of Secret Art; Ahmed Deyab – founder of Library Members’ Club; Veronica Basharatyan – art director at Basharatyan V brand; William Thuillier - art dealer; Alvaro Picardo - art dealer; Boris Kofman - founder of Virtus Real Estate; Tomer Ben - Luxury Jewish Magazine); David Alexanders – artist; Lea Baileys - private art collector.

New and previously exhibited work of Brimmerberg  were brought especially for this exciting presentation of his work at London art scene from his homeland – Russia.

The first Brimmerberg paintings were exhibited during a dramatic cultural shift from the official approved by the state art in the early 1990s. However it was in an atmosphere of cultural isolation that the artist has developed in his work, trying to follow the universal principles in painting and intellectual thought.

Brave compositions of Brimmerberg appear together with abstraction, reinterpreting stylistically key artistic movements, from minimalism to abstract expressionism and cubism. Recognizable style of painting of the early twentieth century is aimed for their depth of study, which is characterized by vibrating energy and bright animated effects of impulse light and life.

The embodiment of the philosophical principles and musical compositions based on his paintings means that Brimmerberg refers to characters who combine cultural spheres of independent art forms. The musical influence of the artistic clearly presented in the titles of his works. Search in the music source of energy and sensitivity in life determines the tone of the composition and reflectes in paintings. This balance is inherent in his work, which is also echoes the philosophy of Hegeland Leibniz.

From 2nd untill 14th June the exhibition will be moved to a private gallery of art dealer and collector of contemporary art CarvalhoConrad (ConradCarvalho) Oaktrre & Tiger Gallery (, which is located at the aristocratic district of SouthKensington.

Entrance will be by appointment only: HannahYakovleva +44 (0) 7500437326 or


SECRET ART POP-UP GALLERY works in format of ART POP-UP creating unique installations and performances in unusual galleries.  POP-UP today becomes a trend, which includes the constant change of places and scenery, vibrant social events. That format is loved by residents of big cities, such as London, New York and Moscow.

SECRET ART POP-UP GALLERY was founded in 2013 by curators Victoria Bailey and Peter Goldman. In 2015 the project appeared in London together with Ilona Kesaeva.

Official partner of the Secret Art in London is the company OneEntourage by Anikkina, which has been successful for long time in helping young and interesting projects to develop the market in the UK.


CBRE is the world’s leading real estate advisory firm. Leading the London property market for decades and advising clients in Moscow since 1994, opening a residential desk focusing on Russian-speaking clients was a logical next step.

Founded in 2014 the Russian Desk is headed by Alisa Zotimova.