Eugene Brimmerberg Show in London

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The Beecham, Southampton Street, Covent Garden

“One can live without Postmodernism, but one cannot live without Mozart”

SECRET ART POP-UP gallery with support of CBRE Residential and Capcois pleased to announce Eugene Brimmerberg’s second major solo-show in London. It presents a collection of works spanning an entire career, from the early 1980s to the present day. New and previously unseen works will be brought from Russia, the homeland of this recently discovered artist, for this exciting showcase. The exhibition will be located in the luxurious penthouses of The Beecham in Covent Garden.

The Beecham is a unique development in the cultural heart of London – Covent Garden. the two duplex penthouses overlook the historic Piazza and Royal Opera House.

Brimmerberg’s highly distinctive style manifests a deliberate and pointed resurrection of strong technique, as well as a deep sympathy of avant-garde practices now rarely found after waves of postmodernism and cultural relativism. His strong affinity with icons of art history and a conscious rejection of much postmodernism mark a return to art that transcends time and place.

Brimmerberg’s exhibition career was born in the dramatic cultural shift away from official state-sanctioned art in the early 1990s. But it was in an atmosphere of cultural isolation that the artist previously developed, by seeking to reinvestigate enlightened universal principals in painting and intellectual thought. Brimmerberg’s bold compositions hover on the edge of figuration and abstraction, stylistically reinvestigating key art movements, from Minimalism to Abstract Expressionism and Cubism. While reinterpreting the genius of early Twentieth Century painting, his attitude towards these recognisable oeuvres is to review them, reinvent them and introduce to them a fresh spirit – characterized through the vibrating bright energy and animated dynamism of the works which pulse with light and life.

Incorporating in addition philosophical first principles and musical composition in the mechanics of his painting, in Brimmerberg’s creativity we find a character that crosses cultural spheres, to square the triangle of independent art forms. Musically, the artist’s influences are made clear in the titles of his works. Finding in music a source of energy and sensitivity unattainable in life, the tone of the composition in turn informs the tone of his palette. Optically, these dynamics find a balance through the dropping and swelling pitch of the canvas, the artist’s precision in capturing light, whilst the analytical structure inherent in Brimmerberg’s work echoes the philosophies of Hegel and Leibniz – with each element of his art defined in its own terms.

“If art ceases to be the expression of the deepest sense- that is the basis for a human being to shape the idea of its own existence - culture is bound to become a transnational phenomenon, that makes individuality forsake its historical merit, in order to recreate itself anew from the faceless existence of the present.” Eugene Brimmerberg

“Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.” Gottfried Leibniz

“To him who looks upon the world rationally, the world in its turn presents a rational aspect. The relation is mutual.” Georg Wilhelm


SECRET ART POP-UP GALLERY was founded in 2013 by Victoria Baileys, Ilona Kesaeva and Peter Goldman in Moscow and London. Since then it has been bringing a fresh perspective to immersive art experiences for the discerning cultural consumer and providing an entirely new platform for the progression of young artists, and those involved in the field around the world.

«Art - as we believe - is constant. When placed under dusty glass and white-line barriers, paintings, photographs and sculptures lose the dialogue that they have with the audience over the years.»

SECRET ART POP-UP GALLERY uses secret locations around the city such as penthouses, mansions, loft apartments to create a unique atmosphere that reminds the viewer of a collector’s house or an artist’s studio. Having access to an extensive network of leading artists, creatives, tastemakers, academics and press; SECRET ART POP-UP GALLERY brings together the combined experience of two established art-world professionals and their associates under a new banner.


CBRE is the world’s leading real estate advisory firm. Leading the London property market for decades and advising clients in Moscow since 1994, opening a residential desk focusing on Russian-speaking clients was a logical next step. Founded in 2014 the Russian Desk is headed by Alisa Zotimova.


Covent Garden is one of the most distinct and vibrant estates in London. The district is now home to Chanel, Dior, Balthazar and Ivy Market Grill and has recently unveiled some of the finest residential properties in London. Capital & Counties Properties PLC ('Capco') is responsible for the management and curation of over 1 million sq. ft. of space at Covent Garden valued at £1.636 million  (as at 31 December 2015). Under Capco’s stewardship, Covent Garden has been transformed into a world-class destination, welcoming over 40 million customer visits a year.