Film OUT: the Reality of Being Russian-speakers in Europe

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Film OUT: the Reality of Being Russian-speakers in Europe

The scenario of the film OUT has been created by 7 young talented Russian-speaking directors/screenwriters, currently living in 7 European countries – United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Belarus and Russia.

OUT is showcasing 7 truthful stories, unveiling the life of Russian-speaking people abroad. Throughout the film you will find out who are the real Russians, what are their views and beliefs, why do they come to Europe and how do they build in future perspectives.

OUT is definitely not a story about sufferings of toughness immigrants, it is the realistic showcase of the inside world of Russian-speaking people and reflection of Russian cultural heritage valued worldwide.

The main aim of OUT is to deepen the understanding between Russians and Europeans by showing simple people with their small and big joys and sorrows, wins and losses and underline that there are no borders for love and friendship.

The teasers of each featurette are giving you an idea and concept of the final product.

To give the green light to the project and start the major shots, we are asking everyone for the support. Your contribution would help young and talented youth to make a statement in the world of cinematography. Be part of the solution!