French & American Brasserie at Counter Vauxhall

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French & American Brasserie at Counter Vauxhall

Nestled under the arches of Vauxhall Station, you’ll find COUNTER, an all-day bar & brasserie that draws its inspiration from America and France.

On the face of it, you’d have to say that it’s a rather strange combination that doesn’t really go together, but this isn’t ‘fusion’ cooking, it is two separate menus; the breakfast & brunch menu getting the American influence, while the French inspire the all-day menu. Now that makes much more sense!

The front-of-house staff are welcoming and knowledgeable, and the whole experience is just that little bit … different. And that’s before we get to BackCOUNTER (described as COUNTER’s naughty little brother).

It starts with the venue itself, said to be the longest bar in London thanks to it taking up a whole archway – approximately 60 metres long. Decorated with comfortable booths, mirror adorned walls, brass fittings and reclaimed Teak flooring, it is rather beautiful, in a non-hipster cool way. But what of the food?

As we’ve already mentioned, the owners of COUNTER have taken inspiration from two of the world’s best cuisines; American breakfast & brunch (and let’s be honest, there is little to compete with a genuine New York style brunch) and then later in the day, French-inspired dishes such as a slow-confit Ox Cheek, Lobster (as a burger) and moving slightly further around the world, Persian Chicken.

There’s still a little hint of America though – the mac n cheese balls are little creamy, cheesy balls of loveliness that are served as sides throughout the day. A special mention must go to the Chicken and Pork Terrine, which has been named as one of the top three terrines in London.

It must be said though, Head Chef Mahrez Loukal keeps the menu fresh and updates with the seasons, so there is no guarantee that your favourite dish will be there the next time you go, unless of course, you make it regularly just to be on the safe side!

Better yet, COUNTER offers every type of refreshment that you could possibly want, from organic herbal teas, Allpress Redchurch Blend coffee, American & French wines, craft beers and unique cocktails – there is definitely something for everyone, it all depends on what takes your fancy.

We should also mention that there is no snobbery here – fancy a beer with your Linguine Fruits De Mer? Or perhaps a glass of wine with your Sirloin Steak? That’s fine. Although if you can’t decide, the staff there are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

The atmosphere is relaxed and designed to make you feel comfortable; the booth-style seating is ideal for get-togethers, business meetings and friendly sharing while being secluded enough if you’re on a first date and want a little privacy – it just works.

I love COUNTER; it is a place that makes you feel comfortable, kind of like slipping into a well-worn pair of slippers at the end of a hard day, it just feels like you’re home, surrounded by friends and having fun.

Next time you’re looking for something different, head on over to Vauxhall and check out COUNTER, you won’t be disappointed.