Fresh seafood at Estiatorio Milos

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What does Montreal, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Athens have that London doesn't? Nothing worth mentioning now, because the Estiatorio Milos chain has finally come to London, and how very glad we are that it has. Estiatorio Milos Restaurant is not popular worldwide, in all the main cities of the globe for no reason, and now it's located at 1 Regent Street, it's never been easier to go and visit to see what all the fuss is about. The building is a grade 2 listed building, previously British Columbia House.

Estiatorio Milos Restaurant is a seafood restaurant with a Greek twist. The restaurant is decorated in fine marble, allowing you to enjoy the fresh cleanliness and feeling of elegance immediately upon entering. You are surrounded by white: white tablecloths, white net curtains and white walls. Although simple, this instantly makes you feel refreshed and captures the cleanliness of the restaurant. Spiliadis and Alain Carle are jointly responsible for the look and design of the venue: designed by experts.

On arrival, you'll also notice an altar of seafood, displayed on ice to ensure it is kept fresh and delicious. You are invited to choose your dish. The fish is then weighed, and taken to be prepared, perfected and cooked for your delight. There are a range of dishes available for sharing, including fried calamari, ceviche and avgotaraho to name but a few. These dishes are served with delicious salad and lemon, exciting the senses and pleasing the eye.

Estiatorio Milos Restaurant in St James is spread over two floors, with a raw seafood bar, wine cellar and private dining rooms on the mezzanine level, and the first floor hosting the main dining room, bar and fish display stall. You can rest assured that the fish served is divinely fresh; Estiatorio Milos has a well-known reputation for it.

The grilled octopus on the menu is one of the more popular choices on the menu, cooked to perfection and served with an interesting creamy, nutty fava bean puree. All dishes are extremely well presented, with a variety of flavours available to suit all tastes. There's even a red meat option available for those of you who are not a fan of seafood, but have been dragged along for the ride. Although, to order meat at a seafood restaurant, especially one with such high calibre as Estiatorio Milos does seem criminal.

Madagascan prawns are another popular option, tender in texture and zingy in flavour. Being served with the shells already off was a treat, saving the effort of the dish and allowing you to simply enjoy the taste.

Despite the lack of lavish decorations, interesting d├ęcor or exciting colour, the fresh seafood, the excellent range of dishes and the friendly, knowledgeable staff, make for a great experience and an enjoyable meal out. London has been blessed with the addition of this chain restaurant and it is likely to be a popular choice for all seafood lovers.

Estiatorio Milos Restaurant, London
1 Regent Street, St James, London SW1Y 4NR
020 7839 2080