Happy Birthday, RussianMind!

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Happy Birthday, RussianMind!

There are not that many things that leave an impression on our memory for a long time, probably only the most exciting and important moments of our life. For me one of the most remarkable was in May 2011, when Russian Media Solutions launched their new publication called RussianMind. I would even say “gave birth”, because since then we perceived the magazine as our ‘baby’ would grow!

The name of the ‘newborn’ was not chosen accidentally, it reflects in itself the approach to understand who Russian people are. The Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev said that “Russia cannot be understood with the mind”, but RM aimed to prove the contrary.

By looking at the background and history of the CIS countries, analysing their political, economic and business situations; observing the development of art and culture and the most important – communicating with prominent people, we have tried to understand the mindset of the Post Soviet people.

During the last year RM turned into a cross-cultural platform for international communication. We have participated in a variety of Russian-related events; we have talked to different people – from those exiled in the UK, businessmen to artists at the top of their professions and we have made numerous political investigations. Whatever has happened to the publication during 2011, it was an experience and as far as I know what else can be more valuable?

Looking back over the past year, I am grateful to the circumstances which led me to get acquainted with the numerous people that have appeared on RM’s pages, I am proud to work with those professionals, who have put a real effort into the magazine’s production. From deep in my heart I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!

Taking into consideration our experience, in future we are looking forward to further development, because life is like a bicycle, if you want to keep in balance, you need to turn the pedals! Today the majority of publications are strongly developing their online platforms as it is the future of mass media. RM also goes with the times and will switch to an online format.

Our aim is to attract an audience to the online scheme “Read and Create”. It means that all the articles which appear on our website www.russianmind.com will undergo our audience’s opinion. Now you can have a chance not only to read, but share with us your thoughts and participate in the exciting process of content selection and creation. Do not hesitate to be a part of the discussions on our website and feel absolutely free to propose any topic for us to write about or you can become a RM blogger.
The most readable and commented articles will be gathered in the electronic magazine which is comfortable to read from a laptop and other gadgets.

Our birthday is the perfect time to think about the past year and set goals for the next. Like a child who step by step discovers the world, RM has experimented, searched and established itself. Now is the time to shore up our position and get ahead. As we go forward, it becomes even more exciting!