The International Festival of Documentary Film "DOKеr" Shows the Best Films of 2015

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From October 30 to November 1 in the Moscow Cinema "Illuzion” the second stage of the International Festival of Documentary Cinema "DOKer" will take place. In the three days of the festival the ten best documentary films of the festival will be screened. These cinematic works were chosen in the first stage of the Festival in spring 2015 which had selected a programme of 45 films from 32 countries. Following this, during the second stage of "DOKer" the award ceremony for the prize winners will also take place. 

The «DOKеr» Festival took place in Moscow in 2015 for the first time, attracting a significant amount of public interest. The Festival was based on the «DOKеr» project which has regularly shown documentary cinema in the course of the four previous years.  

In 2011 Irina Shatalova, Igor Morozov and Nastya Tarasova, producers and directors  of documentary films began to organize in Moscow, as well as in other Russian cities, film screenings of auteur non-feature cinema. This is how the «DOKеr» project arose, and in the four years of its existence it has organized more than 300 showings in Moscow, Yaroslavl’, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Vladikavkaz, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities. This year, the project has developed into a Festival of Documentary Cinema and has laid the foundation for an annual meeting in Moscow of independent documentary film-makers from around the world.

«The «DOKеr» Festival is a fine opportunity to see the world with different eyes and sometimes from entirely unexpected points of view displayed by documentary film-makers from different countries. In an hour on the screen (the average length of a film in the festival) the audience can keenly experience unfamiliar cultures and traditionswhile discovering and experiencing general human emotions, reflections and aspirations, and to become accustomed with the lives and fates of the documentary heroes», - one of the festival organizers, Irina Shatalova, remarked.

The first stage of the DOKеr Festival took place on the 22nd-26th May in the Cinema “DomZhur”. 45 films from 32 countries were shown (out of a selection of 1 300 entries from 97 countries!) in the three programmes of the Festival (feature-length, short and the special "Cinema in Cinema" section).

The 9 award-winning films were decided by the members of the jury which consisted of the well-known Russian documentary film-maker Victor Kossakovsky, the Danish film scholar, founder of the EDN (The European Documentary Network)Tue Steen Muller, the Polish cinematographer Mateusz Skalski and the Greek film critic Vassilis Economou.

In the Short Competition Jury members include– The Slovak documentary film-maker Peter Kerekes, the Russian director, scriptwriter and producer Aleksei Vakhrushev, the film scholar and film historian from the USA Anna Nieman and the Portuguese producer Pedro Fernandes Duarte. Andanotheraward-winnerwillbechosenbyviewers.

The success of the first «DOKеr» festival inspired its producers to organize a second stage. From October 30th to November 1st the ten 10 best films and award winners in all in categories will be shown. Specially at these showings directors and script-writers from France, Venezuela, Poland, China, Denmark, Spain and Peru will appear, giving journalists and spectators a fine opportunity to ask questions that interest them and to communicate in person with the authors who represent the modern face of global documentary film. 

Venue:  «Illuzion» cinema, Kotel’nicheskaya Nab., 1/15 (Stalin-era vysotka).

Date: October 30 – November 01, 2015.

Entrancetickets can be purchased on the cinema website

All videos and information about the films, directors and trailers of several films can be seen on the Festival site