Karaoke Box Mayfair - the Best Russian Karaoke Experience in London

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Karaoke Box Mayfair - the Best Russian Karaoke Experience in London

In Russia music has long since become an integral part of every celebration, from ritual folk songs and the sacred music of the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian people have always had this incredible desire for singing.

The passion for singing has been passed through the generations and came to us in the form of karaoke, where everyone has a chance to show off their talent or just have fun remembering our favourite songs. Millions of Russians choose karaoke as their favourite form of entertainment in the high-end karaoke bars opening up here and over there across the country.

Up until recently the Russian community in London have had a lack of karaoke venues with the proper playlist of Russian songs, however the situation has changed dramatically with the Karaoke Box Mayfair, the karaoke bar refitted with a top of the range PA and stereo system, has opened The Luxury Room. The sound is now the best of any karaoke venue in London.

The Luxury Room offers a Russian only karaoke machine, currently stocked with 9,000(!!!) Russian songs and updated regularly, so guests can now belt out their favourites from modern Russian artists to those that already have become classics.

The experience is about as close as you’ll get to performing at Wembley Stadium, at least sound wise, so even if you can’t sing a note the backing track will be crystal clear, but if you do happen to have the voice of Leonard Cohen or Adele then you’ll find that karaoke has never sounded so good!

The Karaoke Box Mayfair venue boasts 7 karaoke rooms, each uniquely themed and equipped with touch-screen interfaces, where guests can also enjoy not only Russian, but the English playlist as well and a fully stocked cocktail bar boasting a wide selection of both classic and contemporary cocktails, and some of the finest champagnes, wines and spirits – all you need to get inspiration to perform!

Apart from Mayfair, the Karaoke Box can also be found in Soho and Smithfield (Farringdon). Each of the venues are kitted out with state of the art karaoke technology in individually designed rooms.

With its unique blend of eastern and western traditions of music and poetry, the world of Russian music is rich in spirituality, intimacy and passion. The Luxury Room at theKaraoke Box has created a unique atmosphere in keeping with the best traditions of Russian karaoke where everyone has an ideal opportunity for self-expression or just having a great fun night-out.

The Karaoke Box Mayfair

Basement Level

14 Maddox St



Tel: +44 (0) 20 7493 8800