Let’s Rock the Spring!

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Let’s Rock the Spring!

For some reason, people are sensitised to the changes in springtime more than any other. Once the season starts, it seems that human nature automatically switches to the regime of renewal and renovation. Perhaps because the days become warmer and longer and that makes us live in this strange elation, or like Eastern holidays’ relaxation, gives a strong charge of energy? Who knows what happens, but metamorphoses are seen on every single face.

In spring it is the time to commit to the revolution the soul is so asking for, both inside yourself and for outward things. Why not change your boring job for more exciting opportunities you had left unattended before? Why not try the activities you never had time for? Why not call those, who you wanted to say something very personal to, but were afraid to do so? Make your own “why not” list and enjoy making every point on it.

If we talk about public matters this year, Russians associated change with the Presidential elections in March. But the miracle didn't happen...

I’ll tell you what, it’s only the beginning of the season, so will get better and better as it goes on. We dare, are driven a little bit crazy at times, but burn with enthusiasm!

P.S. “Spring is the only revolution in this world, which is well-deserved to be accepted seriously, the only one, which at least always has a success”. Fyodor Tyutchev, Russian poet