The Lush Spa

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The Lush Spa

Lush has introduced a concept of natural and cosy spas across some of its stores offering a range of handmade treatments in familiar surroundings. The main branch of which is discreetly located in the basement floor of the London flagship store on Oxford Street.

Charming and inviting, touches of the spa include a kitchen styled reception area complete with fresh fruit and adorned with vintage tea cups. Treatments are designed to stimulate the senses and mood changing techniques are used throughout right from the consultation. Guests are taken on a journey through scent, touch and sound with highly trained therapists on hand to help to relieve the stress caused by day to day city life.

Lush's signature treatment is the Synaesthesia, a multi sensory journey incorporating a full body massage. Clients are encouraged to pick a word from a selection of different states of mind to determine the oil and massage bar used during the treatment.

Specially commissioned music by Simon Emmerson of The Imagined Village is played at loud volume and the massage is choreographed to the soundtrack creating a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The light to medium pressure of the massage is just right and the body responds well to the music and scent of the oils which altogether immerses the mind into a happy place and as a result leaves one feeling mentally and physically revived.

The Synaesthesia Treatment is priced at £125 for 80 minutes and is available at selected Lush Spa locations.