Okean Elzy in London – the Unity of Spirit

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Okean Elzy in London – the Unity of Spirit

In the difficult time of political turmoil the concert of the popular Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy meant way more than just listening to their music.

Ukrainians living in London, wearing elements of national costume and holding flags, came to the concert on Sunday 9 March 2014 at the Forum for a feeling of unity, which became incredibly important for their whole nation in recent times.

Okean Elzy has always been in the hearts of Ukrainians as the band which reflects the national mood and supporting the people at all times. No wonder that for Ukrainians in London this performance turned into an opportunity to feel like being at home, standing with fellow mates shoulder to shoulder and be a part of something invisibly vital. Ukrainians have always been sincere and sensible...  

It is worthy of note though that many listeners in London were Russian - in the current context it was not only mere appreciation of the band’s music but also a token of support.

It was hard not to notice that “I won’t give up without a fight”, initially a love song, was the most highly anticipated one by the audience.

Text by Daria Alyukova