Patek Philippe's Watch Art Grand Exhibition

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Patek Philippe's Watch Art Grand Exhibition

Avid watch fans will be pleased to hear that next week will see the opening of Patek Philippe’s Watch Art Exhibition. Taking place at London’s Saatchi Gallery, the exhibition will mark the 175th anniversary of the famed Swiss watchmaker.

Over 15 themed rooms are planned to showcase the heritage and craftsmanship of the brand and more than 400 of the most sought after Patek models are due to be displayed.

Highlights will include a dedicated anniversary area that is set to feature the 2014 commemorative collection. A host of educational activities will also be taking place during the exhibition an interactive room will give visitors the chance to experience the striking of minute repeaters via special ball chairs.

This rare insight into the world of Patek Philippe will be opening to the public on the 27th May running until the 7th June, admission is free of charge and no tickets are required.