Private Client: Russia & CIS, 8-10 October 2013

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Private Client: Russia & CIS, 8-10 October 2013

Adam Smith Conferences is glad to announce that the 2nd international conference “PRIVATE CLIENT: RUSSIA & CIS” will take place on 8-10 October 2013 at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in London!

 The conference programme for 2013 will cover this year’s hottest topics, allowing you to clearly know the answers to: What is the specific nature of private wealth in Russia & the CIS. How to protect it? Where to invest it? How to spend it?

This year Adam Smith Conferences is organising a Pre-Conference Day in collaboration with the BRITISH-RUSSIAN LAW ASSOCIATION:  “ANALYSIS OF LEGAL CASES AND DISPUTES WITH A RUSSIAN/CIS PRIVATE CLIENT ELEMENT”, which will feature presentations by experienced lawyers.  This day will cover the topic: “The challenges of multi-jurisdictional disputes – top tips!”  and much more.

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Hot topics to be discussed:

- Repercussions of the recent BANKING CRISIS IN CYPRUS for Russian private clients and those managing Russian/CIS wealth: the search for new structures and jurisdictions

- Current trends at FAMILY OFFICES working with Russian/CIS clients

- INVESTING in financial instruments and business projects, and also in real estate

- Global trends in tax harmonisation and international information exchange (FATCA, etc. ) and how this affects the PRIVATE BANKING industry; what does the future hold for banking secrecy?

- TAX AND IMMIGRATION PLANNING: comparative analysis of several countries – Great Britain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Latvia and other countries in Europe and Asia that are attractive to private clients from Russia & the CIS

- Trends on the REAL ESTATE market in various countries



Interactive features for 2013:

- A showcase of this year’s new investment ideas, and a vote to choose the best idea between family offices and private bankers

- A round-table on art collection

- A round-table on elite education in Great Britain and Switzerland

- An EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with a famous businessperson and philanthropist

- Whisky tasting

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