Romantic Roland Garros

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Romantic Roland Garros

In the Paris Grand Slam tennis players regulate not only their sport career, but also personal life.

If the Australian Open is loved by exotic character, Wimbledon - for adherence of traditions, US Open - for democratic atmosphere, Roland Garros is cloaked in a veil of romance. The Paris Grand Slam is associated with romance for audiences as well as for players thanks to its favorable location, in the heart of France, in the city glorified by writers, directors and PR managers.

In Paris new romances are born and old feelings flare up with renewed vigor. This this where the love story of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf began. The case was back in the 1999 year when Agassi defeated Ukrainian Andrey Medvedev in the Roland Garros final and Graf won the same title by defeating Martina Hingis from Switzerland. Future spouses were thrown together by traditional Ball of Champions or to be precise compulsory dance of two champions after which Andre and Steffi have not been apart.

''Paris for me is the most important city, the most romantic, - Agassi says. Paris introduced me to my future wife. By the time we met I already admired Steffi, her demeanor  , the way she behaved with people. But I was not able to talk with her, to draw her attention. Paris gave me this opportunity. Our dance was a sign of fate, a chance to be close to Steffi which as you see I did not miss''. 

'I knew nothing about Andre prior to this ball, - Graf added. Paris introduced us and helped us to get to know each other. It's turned out that we have lot's of interests in common. Charity is one of them. So, Steffi has her own foundation to help children affected by war and violence. Andre founded a fund and school for disadvantaged children in Las Vegas. For the memory of the city where the feeling was born they hold the actions for the support of their funds - exhibition matches and children's workshop -  during ''Roland Garros'

It seems that Paris gave Sharapova's love affair with Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov new and rapid development.  Soon after the ''Roland Garros'' Maria was noticed in the stands during Dimitrov's match. It was not hard to notice that the Russian was worried about her boyfriend's match result and his performance on court. But before Maria and Gregor did everything to ensure their affair was not in the eye of public. Maybe their relationships at that moment was on the stage of the birth of their tender feelings and they did not wantstrangers to be informed of it. People saw them walking on the streets of Rome during an exhibition match and the manager of the luxury hotel in Albena told that the couple spent a romantic weekend there, but only after "that" Madrid kiss recorded by paparazzi tennis players confirmed their romantic relationship. ''Yes, we are dating each other'' -the young couple said. But only after ''Roland Garros'' where Maria was in the final stage, they started behaving as a ordinary couple.