Russian Parties – A Reflection of the National Spirit

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Russian Parties – A Reflection of the National Spirit

Russians are distinguished by their social, financial or cultural levels, political views and religious beliefs but the passion for party has been attributed to every Russian person, becoming the common national trait of their character. There is even a phrase “party like Russians”, which means joyful partying and of course from dusk till dawn!

Very often Russians feel offended with such a perception, saying that they are not like that. Moreover, more and more Russians adopt Western traditions and holidays, considering that Western is better than native Russian.

However I believe that to celebrate in Russian style is a great idea. Russians by nature are very open, joyful and hospitable people. When Russians celebrate something, they put into the party a piece of their soul and a Russian soul knows no limits.

One can say it is rudeness, others would agree that it is senseless hedonism, however I would call it a passion for life, openness and cheerfulness.

For some foreigners it is difficult to understand the ability of Russians to celebrate like it’s the last time in their life. In the Western world traditions, behaviour and mentality are different and people control their emotions and feelings.

At the same time, the opposites attract and Europeans are fascinated by this Russian freedom of emotional expression. Very many of them gladly attend Russian parties and truly enjoy them and come back again and again.

Russians choose the way to party according to their possibilities and preferences. Some party on yachts, in private luxurious clubs or modern bars, others gather at home for so called “kitchen talks”. Whatever is the “wrap” of the party, all of those people feel happy in a similar way. In these circumstances people, who are from different backgrounds, financial and cultural levels represent one nation, which likes to party and definitely knows how to do it!