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Evenings at Brother Marcus

If you take a walk along Chestnut Grove in Balham, you’ll be surrounded by a myriad of different retail outlets, all shouting for your business. It would be quite easy to miss Brother Marcus though, their signage is all rather understated; no flashing neon, no pretentious signs, just quite literally “Brother Marcus”.
The team behind this culinary delight - Alex Large, Arthur Campbell and Tasos Gaitanos would prefer to let their food do the shouting for them, and it certainly does that.

You can clearly see that these three school friends have a passion for high quality, organic food, but a quick read through of the menu shows that they’re having fun whilst serving up modern, tasty food; The Pollocks, Hamma Mia and The Notorious P.I.G all feature somewhere on the menu.

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Japanese Tapas at Kurobuta Chelsea

Drawing influence from the ‘Izakayas’ (a type of pub) in Japan, Kurobuta on the King’s Road in Chelsea has been wowing customers and restaurant critics since opening following a hugely successful pop up just down the road.

Kurobuta came about after the Australian born Scott Hallsworth decided to leave his role of Head Chef at Nobu and create more than just signature dishes; his vision was to create a new brand, based upon the Japanese pub culture, using Japanese ingredients but with a modern, and sometimes, Western twist. Together with the ex-Nobu Financial Controller, Andrew Stafford, they created what is surely one of the most ‘must visit’ restaurant experiences in London.

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Fresh seafood at Estiatorio Milos

What does Montreal, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Athens have that London doesn't? Nothing worth mentioning now, because the Estiatorio Milos chain has finally come to London, and how very glad we are that it has. Estiatorio Milos Restaurant is not popular worldwide, in all the main cities of the globe for no reason, and now it's located at 1 Regent Street, it's never been easier to go and visit to see what all the fuss is about. The building is a grade 2 listed building, previously British Columbia House.

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Burlesque Style Cabaret, Fire Eaters and Dancing at Circus

Wow, is how I would explain The Circus Restaurant in Covent Garden in just one word. Other words that spring to mind are breathtaking and out of this world. Whatever you are expecting when you book your table with Circus, if you have never been before, my guess is that your expectations will not only be met, but greatly exceeded.

Don't visit here if you're hoping for a funny, childish circus show of clowns and zoo animals. Circus Restaurant in Covent Garden is far more elite and high class than a Big Top show, it is an experience for those with an eye for taste and exquisite surroundings.

There's no denying that the number one reason for visiting is the Burlesque style cabaret, fire eaters and dancing. The entertainment at this hot spot is second to none, setting an entire league of its own, which no one has yet dared to try and compete with.

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Summer Dining at Rocket Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is famous for its choice of bars, restaurants and events. It's a busy, buzzy place where something is always happening, and life is always changing. Competition is high yet there is something about Rocket that tickled my fancy.

From a distance, Rocket looks intriguing, yet inviting, with its earthy, yet somehow modern logo. The exterior is a great reflection of the interior: fresh, natural, modern and classy. The presentation of the restaurant leaves expectations high and, thankfully, you will not be left disappointed after your visit.

Rocket is spread over two floors, with the ground floor being a trendy bar, serving delicious Cocktails, Wines, Champagnes and Beers. The terraced area is heated ensuring you can enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather. The bar opens from 10.30am Monday to Friday, meaning it a popular spot for both the lunch and after work drinks crowd.

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A Taste of La Mamounia at Le Marocain

If you are visiting Marrakech and looking for fine dining, Le Marocain should be at the top of your list situated in the middle of the park, the restaurant offers fine Morrocan cuisine in a chic yet informal setting at the centre of the prestigious La Mamounia Hotel.

Upon approaching Le Marocain, your breath will be taken away by the beauty of the building. The lights and trees paving the way to the entrance set the scene perfectly as they lead you up to the large double glass doors. The beautiful pillars, the bright coloured walls, the grandeur and grace really do set you up for a great experience and delicious meal.

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Lifestyle Boosting Infusions At Reviv Wellness

The unique concept of Reviv Wellness is one quite like no other, a range of booster shots and IV Drips designed to combat the stresses caused from day to day life. Originally established by four leading doctors, the brand now boasts outposts across the world as well as an impressive 28 locations spread across the UK.

The simple yet effective treatments administer a range of vitamins, fluids and wellness agents directly into the bloodstream. Almost twice as effective as taking vitamins orally, the range available in the flagship salons covers everything from fatigue to youthful looking skin.

Clients are left feeling regenerated and revitalised and boosters can be done in as little as 10 seconds for an instant pick me up on the go with the IV Hydration treatments taking around half hour. Tailored to suit different causes of dehydration such as alcohol intake and sun exposure, Reviv Wellness has created a new benchmark in aesthetic treatments.

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Summer Dining at 35 New Cavendish

The chic, glamorous, sexy 35 New Cavendish in Marylebone, is a restaurant that stretches over two floors, with a delicious menu consisting of European food. 35 New Cavendish is the perfect stop off whether you're celebrating a special occasion and looking for an affordable meal, or whether you're looking to indulge in a snack as you're passing through.

The ingredients used in the dishes at 35 New Cavendish are second to none, with their butcher Aubrey Allen, being the same who supplies for HRH Queen Elizabeth. Douglas Santi heads up the kitchen, offering a selection of irresistible light bites, a seasonal menu, perfectly cooked steaks, scallops and more. The restaurant is known for its crisp and simple style, with expertise in all meals being cooked to perfection. The fresh ingredients come into their own with the Raw Bar, offering oysters, ceviche, caviar and tartar, as well as meat and other fish dishes.

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Michelin Starred Dining in Kensington at Kitchen W8

If you’re looking for a high-end restaurant, with exceptionally well-cooked and beautifully presented food, then you are looking for Kitchen W8. As you approach the Kensington-based restaurant, you will be intrigued by its exterior: a smart black facade and awning, leaving everything to the imagination.

Upon entering, Kitchen W8 instantly suggests that you are in for a treat, with it’s trendy and incredibly striking framed wall art and modern, sophisticated air. With the fresh, white tablecloths and stylish, yet comfortable looking furniture, you’ll feel instantly invited to come and be part of a positive dining experience.

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High Stakes Glamour at Heliot Steak House

The Heliot Steakhouse lies within the iconic Hippodrome Casino in the heart of London's Leicester Square and offers a fine dining experience centred around a menu of grills and steaks.

Adopting its name from the renowned Claire Heliot who famously tamed lions at the casino back in its heydey, the restaurant overlooks the main gaming floor and has become a well-visited part of the establishment within its own right.

Taking a contemporary and refined contrast to the classic steakhouse stereotypes, Heliot is somewhat of a hidden gem. Plush leather seating and modern lighting give it a relaxed lounge styled vibe and I often retreat to the cocktail bar within the restaurant for a post game tipple. Heliot is also a prime people watching spot and one often finds themselves immersed in the atmosphere of the surroundings.