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Ukraine – the Territory of Anti-Russian Delusions

The arrest of the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev for contempt of court is sure to provoke a lot of talk, both in the West and the East. The West will most likely restart their familiar tune about the “authoritarian trends” of the “pro-Russian” president Viktor Yanukovich.

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Return of the Spirit: The Church in Recent Russian Films

One of the more interesting features of Russian film in recent years has been the opening up of history and the desire to re-evaluate the recent past.Of course, this has been going since Gorbachev’s perestroika in the late 1980s, with films such as Evgeny Tsymbal’s Defence Counsel Sedov (1988) and Alexander Proshkin’s

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Performance Management

Performance management is a crucial contributor to a company’s success. How do you know that employees enjoy doing their job or just to get the job done? As a manager, you should be able to monitor and measure performance on a regular basis, as well as help your staff be happy and productive at work.

1. Organisational goals need to be met. As a manager, you can try various managerial styles to adopt the one that suits you and your team the best. Your staff should feel comfortable with your leadership style and you have to feel comfortable with yourself. Find the right balance in order to get the job done well.

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The Other Side of Ibiza

One of the most famous Balearic Islands is Ibiza, it has quite a specific reputation. This is where the hip and the cool meet to dance the night away to the groove of world famous DJ’s, Guetta and Van Dyk, just to set the mood. To the surprise of many, myself included, it has a more paradisiac quiet side.


One day back in March Jill*, Kelly* and I were debating where to go on holiday. Budget and length of time being the main issues, it was impossible to go somewhere too far and costly. Through Skype and Facebook we started throwing ideas at each other about the best places we could afford that has sun. The epiphany came with Portinatx Club Hotel, in the far north of Ibiza, a couple of weeks later the booking was done, the wait started.

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The Philosophy of Energy Science

Global Energy has established an independent international award for spectacular scientific achievements in energy and power advancement. The Global Energy Prize was established in 2002. The idea for founding the award was put forward by a group of famous Russian scientists, supported by some of the largest energy companies and approved by the President of Russia. Currently, the Global Energy Prize Fund amounts to 30 million roubles.Igor Lobovsky, the President of the Partnership, elaborated for RussianMind on the 2011 laureates andthe global energy trends.

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Summer is Calling

I am sitting in front of my computer with 10 Internet windows opened and a thousand questions unanswered. But my thoughts are already far away from the office - I am sunbathing in Spain, drinking coffee with my friend in New York and shopping in Paris! I am thinking about the holidays and the best way to spend these two summer weeks. Even though I love my job, sometimes after a long day at work, I simply don’t have the energy for anything else, except falling into bed and sleeping. That is why, going on holiday means devoting time to yourself. When there is no need to work, you can do plenty of things.

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Authentic Post-Punk

Rostov’s group Motorama has been talked about in Moscow for a couple of years.Regional business trips are combined with going to underground clubs full of beautiful people– and the band performing is Motorama. Often called leaders of the new musical wave producing authentic post-punk, Motorama never follow the trend blindly, so their monochrome sound lacks any depression and is filled not only with reminiscences of the past but contemporary irony as well.

RM:How was this group born? What was the path that led you here?

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Fashion Fate

Sergey Voronov is a renowned men’s fashion market connoisseur in Russia. He used to assist in bringing mass market brands to Russia and later went on to work with one of the first men’s multi-brand luxury stores St. James. Despite having left the fashion business now to lead one of the biggest publishing houses in Russia, he must be the only person knowing virtually all mens wear brands and in a position to judge the success of any mens wear store in Russia.

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British Men and Russian Women. And How Was It For You....?

I am walking down Kreschatik: it has enormous wide pavements curving away from the rich end at Beserabska and down to Independence Square. The Dynpro hotel stands opposite, with their severe guys on the door: they were obviously away the day they did "customer service" at hotel school.
A girl bumps into me as I'm walking, "I'm really sorry", I say, in my best Russian and move over. The girl, who can hardly be more than 16 years old, blocks my path. This is clearly no accident.

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In Another Blow to Russia’s Democracy

Reading your friends’ columns is a potentially dangerous pastime. Especially if your friend is a foreign journalist. You always have to walk the tight rope balancing between a desire to expose his or her penchant for stereotypes about Russia and insincere compliments. The problem is made worse by a strange tendency among both foreign and Russian journalists in Moscow: the staunchest critics of Russian state among them tend to be hypersensitive to any criticism of their own writings. I knew one such journalist whose all stories started with a refrain “In another blow to Russia’s democracy.” He broke his tradition only once – in a published response to an angry blog about his writings.