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Anapa’s Cooler

Anapa is a mega polis of 60 000 people on the coast of the Black Sea in Russia. I have witnessed many of its facets. Starting with the fact that I used to lived there and have been going there almost every year, until three years ago. Any Anapian will tell you that Anapa is better and cooler than anywhere else in the world.

The Market

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Organisational Change Management

Change management is one of the hardest practices within an organisation to adopt. As a manager you might find it challenging to help your employees cope with organisational changes in an effective way. However, you can thrive through change better with these basic change management tips:

1.  Explain to your employees that changes do happen in organisations to maximize productivity and increase turnover. Employees should not be kept in the dark. Let them know what the changes are for, how the company and its’ staff will be affected and how long the whole change process will last.

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National Comparisons:Immigrants

There is a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric in all three countries. The complaints are pretty similar: they steal our jobs; commit crimes; etc. In my opinion, their real sin is to be willing to do the work that Americans / British / Russians are no longer willing to do for low wages, and they are easier scapegoats for the economic problems than the politicians, bankers, and others who have wealth and power. As a rule, the crowd picks on the weak and the losers.

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Tiny Mexico in Moscow

Do you want to feel like you are in Mexico when in Moscow? To eat well cooked fajitas and quesadilla; cactus burrito and nachos with guacamole; drink margaritas or shots of tequila; listen to the sweet sounds of guitar and dance to crazy Latin rhythms? In the centre of Moscow there is “Don Burrito”, a Mexican restaurant recently opened by the actor Sergei Gazarov. It is the Caribbean in miniature. Great Mexican food is accompanied by live music, melodies from Central and Latin America and…jazz.

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Pale Horses

The memorial for the victims of the fire at the club “Lame Horse” is being chosen in Perm.

The fire at “Lame Horse” is the biggest local tragedy in recent years.The fire happened at the club on the night of 5 to 6 December 2009. In total, 156 people perished. This is a typical Russian story: the walls and ceiling of the club were covered with flammable materials; nobody knew where in the “Lame horse” the fire escape was and of course all the documents were in perfect order (sic).

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A Song by the Name of Wimbledon 2011

Taxi-Federer  Riding across London along the Thames, passing the famous Big Ben in the company of Federer. “Do you think it’s someone's fantasy, a dream?” No, in the days of Wimbledon everything is real. "In the way with Federer" - this slogan with the image of six-time Wimbledon champion (this year Roger taking two first sets in his stride then lost to Jo Wilfried Tsonga in quarter-finals) lying on his back, he can be seen in one of the 50 cars riding across the city. In this way, the Swiss decided to talk about his charitable foundation.

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The Press Baron and His Son

At the heart of Alexander Lebedev is an enigma and a paradox. On the surface he is the wealthy, brash oligarch, and yet he dresses very casually, is quite reticent and even shy. In the final instalment of our special profile, I explore the complex personality of Russian’s press baron and his flamboyant son Evgeny Lebedev.

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Andreï Makine: A Russian Writer in France

When I travel to Russia, as I do about two or three times a year as part of my lecturing work, I often ask Russians what they think of the work of Andreï Makine, a writer living in France who also writes in French. I am surprised when someone replies that they have even heard of him, because only one of his works has been translated into Russian, and that back in 1996, in the journal Inostrannaia literatura. Otherwise, he is only known to Russians if they read him in French or translation.

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The Russian Davos

Mentioning Churchill’s famous “Russiais a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” has become a sine qua non for any discussion of foreign investment in Russia. However, we picked up a few more quotations that have expanded on securing global growth, building Russia’s creative capital and expanding technological horizons. These three topics were the focal points of the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that took place on 16-18 June.

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Fashionable Russia

Years when Russian people wore grey, strict monotonous clothes and tried not to show up in a crowd, sank into oblivion together with the other “horrors” of the Soviet era. When the borders to the Western world were opened, Russia got the opportunity to take inspiration from abroad and changed their dress-code.

Twenty years have since passed, but still there are some people who perceive clothes as just a need to hide their nudity. For their daytime routine, they don’t have spare money or time to care about the world famous labels or demanding trends. On the other hand there are others who can afford to be addicted to fashion. They never miss fashion shows in Milan, Paris and London, buy only designer clothes and never appear in public in the same outfit. In Russia the differentiation of society can be seen in the way people dress.