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Time Travel

From Thursday back to Wednesday

Big Diomede Island (aka Ratmanov Island) and Little Diomede (aka Krusenstern Island).

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Investment Expert

Fighting corruption. Improving the country’s investment climate. These have been among the Russian government’s economic priorities in recent years.

Meanwhile, the challenging investment landscape has forced Russian investment money to go elsewhere. Between 2008 and 2010, an estimated £143 billion in capital exited the country.

With all of this capital in transit, the question arises: Where in the world are Russians setting up their foreign investments? And what is motivating those choices?

The Trust Industry and Investing

The Trust industry is one that helps individuals and organisations to find the appropriate locales for investments. As such, it is Trust professionals and their colleagues who collect market intelligence on the world’s most efficient investment landscapes.

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A Song by the Name of Wimbledon

You never know what kind of weather there will be at Wimbledon. Days of pouring rain switch to languishing heat and back. However players get used to hours of stressful waiting and tennis fans have adapted to putting up tents in seconds and stand in the rain under umbrellas watching matches on the big screen on Henman hill. Whatever happens, Wimbledon goes on. By the way, Wimbledon is not only the name of the most famous tennis competition, but also the name of the locality, a western suburb of London. The local church choir is also called Wimbledon. The winning anthem of the 2011sample was performed by Petra Kvitova and Novak Djokovic. Let us recall how it was.

When father is a superman

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Luxury Driving

Living life is about making decisions which suit you and your surroundings. With prosperity and wealth generation comes, the opportunities to try new and exciting products are available. Many of these decisions will reflect your personality, your surroundings and your peer group. These same decisions will influence the way you live and the way you do business.

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10 Days in Ukraine

In the summer of 2007, four of us decided to go to Ukraine on a road trip. All of us being students, we wanted to spend as little money as possible. We had no idea how many memories and stories we would bring back. One country, ten days, three cities, and time-travelling from the present day back to the USSR and the hard realities of life.

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Conflict Resolution

As a project manager or an organisational leader, you are responsible for maintaining a healthy work environment. Conflict resolution skills are vital for a company’s success and positive culture. Intervening in interpersonal conflicts in a respectful way will boost your confidence and make relationships stronger. Build your conflict resolution skills with these tips and techniques:

1.      Acknowledge there is a conflict. Learn how to deal with it; don’t avoid it. Interpersonal conflicts don’t go away by themselves. Even when the conflict seems to be resolved on the surface, it can rear at the worst possible moment if it hasn’t been dealt with properly.

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Russia – Motherland for Jeans

 Once a foreign acquaintance told me Russia was a country of jeans, after he was reviewing photos of his trip to Russia. The story happened a decade ago but, to tell you the truth, little has changed since then. Brands come and go, fashion titans such as Zara, H&M, Uniqlo penetrate the market, but watching around you’ll see that jeans are still part of the essential look of any Russian citizen. In general it is no wonder in a country where Benetton is perceived as pretty expensive, it adores cheap and affordable jeans that are a wear for all occasions.

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The War Film and the New Patriotism

The Second World War, or the Great Patriotic War as it’s known in Russia, was the great defining moment for the Soviet state, a time when the survival of the country and even Russians as a people was at stake. With victory over the Nazis came legitimization of the Soviet state, and the great sacrifices and horrendous suffering of millions of ordinary people took second place and were used above all for propaganda purposes. Thus was born the Soviet war film.


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The West and the Warlords: Fatal Attraction

When President Obama recently made public his plans for a gradual withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, he might not have known that he was quoting almost word for word Mikhail Gorbachev’s orders from the end of 1980s. Obama said bluntly: “America, it is time to focus on nation building here at home.” This was exactly what Gorbachev told Yuly Vorontsov, formally the Soviet ambassador in Kabul in 1988-1989, but in fact Moscow’s special envoy with a delicate mission going far beyond Afghanistan’s borders.

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British Look at Russians

Actually the question is the opposite. It should say "how do Londoners differ from foreigners?" It’s an awful question. It is like your wife saying "does my bum look big in this?" Or worse, your girlfriend asking, "honey do you prefer the red dress or the blue dress?" If you are already nodding in agreement, then you will know what this article is about. I promise, once you've finished it, you’ll want to go for a beer with me and together we can be like two wise men who understand the meaning of life.

The fact is, questions like this are bad news "cum laude" and the one thing I know for certain is that this article will offend somebody, so please let me apologise now. I am just a bystander, a disinterested voyeur, the messenger. It's not my fault!