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Empowering Employees

Managing people at work is about motivation, productivity, accomplishment, contribution and empowerment. Empowering employees improves job satisfaction and positively affects business growth. Effective managers never give away responsibility and authority completely; they allow their employees to grow and feel important. Do not allow your best assets to walk out the door.

1.      Create a positive work environment. You are a role model. Be happy and energetic at work. It is all about your attitude. Your employees will feel that you are motivated to work and will definitely follow your lead.

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Perm Is Changing

No matter how hard I try, there are special Permian events that I do not understand. Or it is better to say even I, because I’ve been living here for 27 years, cannot comprehend, even though I know the city well enough.

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A Modern Book Keeper

Leaving everything to start a new life seems to be a common challenge but there are just a few people who really face up to it and overcome such a challenge. One of them is Denis Korneevsky, a young Russian journalist who left his upcoming career in political journalism and moved from Moscow back to his native city of Perm to start his business with the main passion of his life – books.

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Message About the Soviet Union

I recently watched the famous Russian director Alexei Balabanov’s 2007 movie Cargo 200. Here I want to explore and uncover the director’s message behind his artistic choice of making a visually, morally and emotionally poignant – if not shockingly grotesque – movie about the mid-1980s in the Soviet Union, a seemingly odd and unusual choice of time period for a modern Russian director. Attention: spoiler alert.

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Richard Long’s Comeback & New Sculpture Exhibition

Two of the most prestigious London galleries have opened their exhibitions, the Saatchi gallery puts on a show on international contemporary sculpture, shortly after the sculpture exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts and Haunch of Venison presents a selection of new works by British artist Richard Long, one of them being made out of mud especially for the gallery space.

Richard Long’s Comeback

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Memories of a Decade and a Half

Belgium is a place where I grew up, it is a place that I have known under different lights and as I grew, it grew with me. Years go by, interests develop and new facets are discovered very naturally. I don’t have enough space to write about a country bursting with history and so many things I want people to know about it. We have beaten the world record for a country with no government. We still make most of our beer in abbeys and have more than 5,000 different brands. The pissing boy has two legends and there is a pissing girl too!


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Stress Management for Managers

Work related stress is an evergreen topic of occupational health psychology. Costs involved, both human and financial, in resolving this issue are ridiculously high. Even though it is impossible to be completely stress-free, effective management plays a vital role in reducing and preventing job stress. You can make a big difference when taking on board these simple stress management tips:


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Letters to YOU: “How to Escape the Rat Race and Improve your Financial Future Today”

Dear You,

Are you of one those people who works long hours, misses family dinners, takes work home, gets very tired and feels like there is nothing you can do? Are you one of those people who desire to achieve a good work/life balance? Are you tired of the rat race and want to get out? If you want to stop wandering around the maze, then these tips are for you.

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National Comparisons: The People

The second part of my series comparing Russia, Britain, and the US focuses on the people themselves. What are their strengths and foibles? How do they vary by class, region, race, and religion? How do they view each other and other countries and people? What do they eat, drink, and watch? Where do they travel and against which groups do they discriminate?

Regional Stereotypes

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‘Ded’ Men Talking: Lethal Army Bullying Exposed

The Russian military has finally achieved a quantitative edge over its erstwhile Cold War enemy. Whilst America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have claimed the lives of some 6000 troops over the last 7 years, Russia has managed to lose nearly double that number of soldiers in peacetime!

According to NGOs cited in a recent distressing BBC documentary, between 2000-3000 Russian conscripts die each year without a shot being fired – driven to suicide or killed outright by bullying via the notorious system of hazing (humiliation) called Dedovschina or the Grandaddy system. Dedovschina involves officers and ‘graduating’ recruits – known as Deds, or Grandaddies, brutally humiliating new arrivals in ways that make American military history look like Sesame Street. Most of it is so horrific that You-Tube requires users to sign in and verify their age before being allowed to see the candid videos uploaded by Russian conscripts.