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What Time Is It Now?

Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than a ninth of the Earth's land area, extending across the whole of northern Asia and 40% of Europe. Moreover Russia spans nine time zones. One could say it is rather confusing. Perhaps it is, but since 2009 the Russian government has been working on reducing the number of time zones in the country. In 2010 two time zones (3 & 11) were abolished. In 2011 all clocks in Russia were advanced one hour to Summer Time but will not change back this coming October.

Nevertheless, there are certain advantages in having that many time zones. For instance you can celebrate New Year several times over. In Vladivostok (the Eastern part of the country) when the New Year has arrived, in Kaliningrad (the Western part) people are only starting their preparations for the holiday. Sometimes it is a good idea to catch up the time and experience the pleasant moments once again.

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Khokloma Identity

Was it published in Vogue? That is what Russian magazine readers have been asking themselves for the past year since Alena Doletskaya quit her editor-in-chief’s position after a brilliant 10-year career which she had with the magazine, since its foundation in Russia. She left but remained a Russian fashion icon. After that the breakneck period began, provoked not by content, but by mere covers. From sports girls in Cosmo-style to the exquisite Demarchelier’s shoot, it just looked hit or miss.

June’s publication was edited by the specially invited guest Dasha Zhukova who does not need an introduction, particularly in London. Owner of a gallery and a brand, ex-editor of Pop magazine, but this time working on Vogue. Let us confess the result does deserve interest as it is quite a challenge to speculate on fashion and art on that many pages and with the number of publications on these topics, doesn’t leave much space for other opinions.

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One-Man Band

Igor Grigoriev is a true legend of modern times. He emerged from a Russian village and during the controversial 1990s, brought up a forward thinking new generation with his cult magazine “OM”. When the magazine was riding its wave of success, he left the chief-editor’s position and is now a rock hero, having vanished for 10 years to live the life of a spiritual man. Today Igor Grigoriev is back in Russia, but this time as a singer. In his songs he combines pop hits and decadent Russian poetry of the 1920s. Ambiguous as ever, he is definitely back to make his mark again.


What did you feel on your come back to Russia?

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I Want 2 Break Free

For those who can read between the lines – here comes I Want, the most candid of Russian glossy magazines.

The dangers and temptations of city life, beauty that sells but is not necessarily bought and heroes who never spare themselves to get what they want.

The second issue of I Want answers many of those questions that you start thinking about as soon as you are alone before falling asleep.

This magazine shows the reality that lies in, wait for us when we are barely conscious, when our senses are naked and only sleeping pills can save us from these visions.

I Want is the magazine that makes your fantasies come true.  

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Letters to You: “How Can I Improve My Emotional Intelligence?”

Dear You,
Emotional Intelligence is all about the ability to control emotions under different circumstances, be it at work or at home. Emotionally intelligent people are very much in touch with their own emotions (i.e. understand their own emotions, know what these emotions are telling them, how these emotions affect other people around them) and such people are able to sense the emotions of others. There are lots of theories, frameworks and research available for you to read on the subject. I will only offer you a few tips on how to start developing and improving your EI. Following through with these tips will be the best thing you will ever do for your self-development and personal growth.

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Zilli – Philosophy of Pleasure

In the international world of luxury men’s clothing, ZILLI embodies perfection and traditional know-how, making each piece of clothing truly unique. ZILLI has worked to the same stringent standards to create a collection of glasses which stand out for their exceptional richness in the choice of materials, details, and strong styling. The ZILLI approach is about comfort, freedom, and seduction, the quintessence of a philosophy – the philosophy of pleasure.
Zilli apparel and leathergoods are made and hand-finished using the finest precious skins and materials in the world and they demand to be touched and experienced, not just seen. This is partly why shopping at Zilli is a pleasure.

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Baguettes and Other Stories

I have become acquainted with Paris over the last thirteen years, following regular trips to the city branded the epicentre of love, dreams, and lights. Many people love Paris, hence I have been chosen as your eternal guide. I know Paris quite well, the tourist side at least. A big mistake that many make is relying on stereotypes, Paris is nothing like what they say. There are no princes on every corner, Parisian women are not all astonishing supermodels with an impeccable sense of style, nor does everyone eat baguettes or wear berets. Two things are true however, they all smoke and drink coffee!

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Andrey Kovalev Rocks

This interview did not require much effort to demonstrate the popular appeal of Andrey Kovalev. The setting spoke for itself: as we were talking in a London café, a woman approached Andrey for an autograph, and her friends were also expressing their heartfelt thanks to the Andrey for the music he plays with his rock band called the Piligrim.

RM: First of all, let me congratulate you on the Piligrim’s fifth anniversary that you celebrated in December 2010. How did you spend it?

AK: We had a big concert dedicated to the anniversary; it was staged by Lina Arifullina. That seemed the best way to celebrate it!

RM: Five years is usually considered an important milestone for any enterprise. Did it encourage you to sum up your achievements?

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We Came from Russia

According to the international experience, book fairs are very special events which involve the presence not only of readers and writers, but also publishers and booksellers. They all come together to observe what their competitors do to negotiate manuscripts, translations and sign contracts. The Book Fair in the Russian city of Perm is another story, as the business platform is not the main target, we have different objectives. Primarily, we are aiming to create a spectacular event for the mass market. In fact, here we occupy a niche market, as in Russia there is nothing to compare to our book fairs.

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National Comparisons: The Character

National Comparisons: The Character

The second part of my series comparing Russia, Britain, and the US focuses on the people themselves. What are their strengths and foibles? How do they vary by class, region, race, and religion? How do they view each other and other countries and people? What do they eat, drink, and watch? Where do they travel and against which groups do they discriminate?

The National Character

As befits its climate, Californians are a sunny and gregarious people. It is not unusual to refer to someone as your friend after getting to know her after a few minutes, whereas this typically takes weeks in Europe. Other states are, from what I heard, different; e.g. New Yorkers are known for being curt and rude.