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The Red Dior

Vyacheslav Zaitsev is a Russian couturier, painter, graphic artist and theatrical costume designer. He doesn’t like it when people call him Vyacheslav, so he is more commonly known by the short form of his name – Slava. It seems that having a career of a fashion designer was his destiny from early childhood, as he was born in the Russian city Ivanovo which is famous for its textile industry and also known as the “town of brides”. Slava Zaitsev has a typical Russian mentality – of kindness to sentimentality, from explosiveness to brutality.

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Russia’s Unpredictable Election

On Wednesday 18th May, Dmitry Medvedev gathered 800 journalists to the Skolkovo business park, where it was anticipated that he would make an announcement about next year’s presidential election. However, after building up expectations, he delivered a vague and non-committal statement that failed to give anything away.

Dmitry Medvedev used the first major press conference of his presidency to promote himself as a progressive, modernising leader, with his easygoing style aimed at attracting support from a younger, middle class audience,

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A Roman Holiday

All roads lead to Rome, and so did mine. Rome, like the rest of the world capitals, is not Italy, but it is frighteningly close. I had the chance to experience a movie like Rome, granted it is not very hard due to the general mood of the Romans. I still do consider that everything that happened was because I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain and made my usual wish, which came true. The best advice I can give for visiting Italy and especially Rome, is to walk into every little street and open door you see, there are surprises around every corner, and discoveries waiting to be made only by you.

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Russian Cinema: Tackling the Pioneers

In the 20s and the 30s the Western world was taken by storm with the ‘talkies’, or film’s with sound, meanwhile Russia was trying to figure out how to prove to themselves and the world that they had talent.

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National Comparisons: USA, UK, Russia

Over at Mark Chapman’s indispensable blog, Giuseppe Flavio linked to a fascinating “Comparison USA-Germany” by an academic who was deeply immersed in both cultures. This inspired me to do something similar. My credentials? Having lived for 6 years in Russia, 12 years in the UK, and 5 years in the US (in that order, although I was back and forward a lot); and being an active observer of social and political affairs since 2003, I feel that what I’ve got to say will be of interest to readers from all three countries.

Employment & Social Welfare

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Russian Film Pioneers

This May the BFI presents Kino, a major celebration of Russian cinema, with three seasons over six months at BFI Southbank. The first part Kino: Russian Film Pioneers explores how Soviet cinema first set the world on fire in the 1920s, and can still surprise us today.

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Chemistry of Russian Сharacter

Zakhar Prilepin is a writer, publicist, political activist. Having completed his philology studies, he worked initially as a packer, a security guard and a journalist before joining a special military unit that took part in anti-terror deployments in Chechnya. In 2008 he won the Russian National Bestseller Award for his book "Sin". He is a laureate of numerous prizes and awards, and his books are required reading in 5 Russian universities. Prilepin could be a novel character himself.

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Russia’s Sad Copy-Cat Act

Plagiarism is not something Russians worry about. Hell, even Putin lifted his phD thesis, verbatim, out of a US textbook while his country has occupied the US’s piracy list for twice as many years as China.

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Concept Stores in Russia

Shopping in Russia has always meant something more than merely looking for clothes. Nice hairstyle, trendy outfit and of course the make-up are the fashion statement when going shopping. Perhaps this is the reason why Russia is currently swamped by a wave of concept stores?

Definitely we are not talking about this trend in terms on a large scale as more than half of Russians still buy their clothes from open-air markets, although this is absurd as most stores stock cheaper merchandise of better quality. Maybe markets are examples of lifestyle consumption, albeit nostalgic ones. Anyway we are covering the stores which do not have a prominent market share but lead the market when it comes to its mood and the level of fashion industry development.

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The Wall

An architectonce called the city of Perm a meaningless conglomeration of void urban spaces. Surely, any “permyak” (original name for a Perm citizen) could take offence, although you won’t find a better definition for Perm.