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Teamwork Motivation

   As a project manager you might be searching for the various ways to motivate your team members. Teams are the hardest to manage and motivate, because different people react differently to the same motivator. Reading through these non-monetary motivation tips, you will be able to build team morale and make work easy and fun.

          1. Start with yourself. You are a leader and a role model. Are you motivated and positive all the time? What motivates you? Work on your confidence. Always remember that one of your tasks is to inspire people to work together towards a specific goal.

          2. Know your team. Who are these people? What are their expectations and professional goals? What motivates and drives them to success? If possible, select people you want to work with. Make sure members of the team are leaders, creators, initiators etc…get the right mixture.

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The Art of Negotiation

The Negotiation process does not have to be awkward and uncomfortable. We all negotiate on a daily basis. Negotiation skills are vital for negotiating deals in various industries. Effective negotiations require a variety of skills, which are easy to learn and practise.

*Do not be afraid to ask. The fear behind the negotiation process is unjustified. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to save money or resolving conflicts. On the contrary, there is something wrong with not wanting to negotiate. Know what you want and what you do not want. Know your goals as well as thinking what the other side might want. Ask for everything you want and continue negotiating until you are completely satisfied.

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Sixty Seconds with a Genius

Grigori Perelman, the world-famous unsociable genius, has managed to produce two global sensations in a row. First, when he solved one of the biggest mysteries of mathematics known as the Poincaré conjecture. Second, when he rejected a 1 million dollar reward from the Clay Mathematics Institute. Now the mathematician hits the headlines once again – he allegedly granted an interview to the “President-Film” producer A. Zabrovsky

Grigori Yakovlevich, yet in your school years you represented the USSR at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Budapest and became a gold medalist…

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Bright Young Things

When Facebook came to Russia Lookatme already existed. When Google was searching for ways to expand to the local market, Chanel was choosing them to advertise with. Lookatme is an extremely popular social network and digital media that covers almost all urban youth interests: exhibitions, concerts, cinema, fashion, gadgets, design, parties and clubs. The daily magazine is attracting more than a million users a month. It looks so serious that you can not believe your eyes when you see three young guys in their late 20s standing behind it. Before starting the new project, all of them had certain successes in various fields. Ekaterina Bazilevskaya had a vertiginous career in the advertising business.

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Russian Fashion for Beginners

Everybody has heard something about Russian fashion and if you speculate a bit on the issue you get the idea that it must exist. However you can hardly find a person who has seen it with their own eyes.

I will reveal the mystery for you right now. A Fashion industry in Russia really exists, but the question is to which extent. The main problem of such misperception is the outcoming information you get. Russia is luxury. No comments, but just take into account that luxury is just 15% of the whole market. And what is usually the main representation of the fashion industry inside a country? Yes, it’s a fashion week. The event which somehow shows the state of the industry – its achievements, opportunities and strengths. At least it should not focus on its weaknesses so much.

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Time for some clarity on Libya

Boris Gryzlov, the Speaker of Russia’s State Duma, famously said that “Parliament is not a place for discussion”.  The same could be said for the House of Commons.  On the day the Prime Minister announced that British military advisors would be sent to aid Libya’s rebels in their campaign against Colonel Gadaffi, there was no Minister at the Dispatch Box to explain this escalation of our participation in the conflict.

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Love and Hate in the City of Lights

Love-Hate relationships are close to me, but this one has seen a drastic transformation over the last few years. As I grow I start thinking that Moscow is like an adult movie, it shouldn’t be allowed for children. The lifestyle and what the city of lights has to offer can send you into a whirlwind of emotions and parental control is advised in the beginning. Over the years my relationship with Moscow has drastically changed. This city is like a good book or movie, the one where you discover something new every time you go back to it. My story with Moscow changes over certain periods of time. 

8-9 years old

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Yuri Gagarin – Superstar

There is no doubt Yuri Gagarin has become one of the few contemporary global idols who are neither musicians nor sportsmen. For many of those born before 1990 space exploration has a touch of personal story. Many dreamt, as kids, to become cosmonauts. The dream job list could include a border guard dog, a long distance trucker and an ice-cream vendor – but there is no doubt cosmonaut/astronaut was in the top-5 in many countries, especially in those actually involved in space exploration.

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Always Bet on Putin

As the 2012 Russian presidential election draws near, there has been a buzz of speculations and a flurry of possible scenarios floating in the press as to who will run in the election and most importantly be the next Russian president. Though incumbent Dmitri Medvedev has not officially announced his bid for a re-election although he said he might – many expect this as a given. The Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has not stated out right that he is intent on running either, but a day later said he might oppose Medvedev in the race. Putin must have his reasons and according to the New York Times he thinks that announcing the candidates outright might paralyze the government.

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Putin the GREAT!

 IT’S working! Russians in their millions have bought into Operation Vladimir Putin. The PR operation has proved to be such an astonishing success in his homeland that Putin is now unquestionably Russia’s most popular leader since Peter the Great. And what’s more it’s all his own work. When he told his communications consultant – the equivalent of Blair’s former press secretary Alastair Campbell - that he was going to sing ‘Blueberry Hill’ at a charity event in St Petersburg, he was advised that one of his favourite Beatles songs might go down better. But Putin has a long memory and recalling a frosty encounter with Paul McCartney at the Kremlin, he declared that this was his party and he was going to do it his way.